Tuesday, October 24, 2023

The Odds and Ends

When a trade is big enough, there's usually something that is an odd or sod part. The stuff that isn't really fitting with the rest of what the trade was for. Today's cards include that in my trade with EAudet77.

A few baseball cards, including a couple still wrapped and an oversized Peca.

The Post cards which always bring me back to eating breakfast as a kid and looking for those cards to come falling out of the box, will remain under wraps, and I will add to my unopened pack collection while looking for opened versions as well.

I didn't realize at the time, but these Tall Boys actually complete the Leaf set for me - all 38 cards. Now I just have to find a nice way to store them given their tall size! They may not be as nice as getting the 60s versions, but the Parkhurst reprint set is nice in it's own right.

A nice Wendel under wraps still - the size is more reminiscent of Humpty Dumpty Blue Jays baseball cards.

Kraft and stickers....I consider them "oddball", though stickers are pretty tame as far as oddball items go.

We end with a few other odds and sods for set completion work. I think I am down to one card left on the Pacific Quest For The Cup set, bt will have to check - and if I am, I think it's Brodeur.

Definitely a good bunch with the unexpected Leaf set, and speaking of Leaf cards - that makes up the rest of the trade (I think...), and more on those tomorrow!

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