Saturday, October 28, 2023

You Think You Know Me?

Today's pay it forward surprise little PWE has some wrestling cards, which quickly make me think of a certain wrestler's debut on AEW a few weeks ago. 

From a fan perspective - I never wanted to see Edge...I mean, the Rated R Superstar, show up somewhere outside of WWE. I mean, he was always a WWE guy. From a personal aspect, I get his desire to probably have a good last run with life long friend Christian Cage, and have some matches with guys, while he has time on his career to do so, that he wouldn't be able to have in WWE.

I also get WWE's view, Edge is probably not "worth" the investment. With the recent sale and clamping down a bit on costs and how to more smoothly run business, AEW probably offered the moon, where WWE was realistic in the offer. I am just guessing, but could see it going that way. Heck, even if the money was more, I could see Edge going to AEW for career fulfillment over money.

I could also go on about how I could always go for more Dakota Kai cards...but let's leave the focus on Edge here...and overall, very nice cards with the 2020 Finest set...I wouldn't mind trading for more!

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