Saturday, October 7, 2023

Stick Around

 As a kid, it was baseball stickers which first got me into collecting. Probably because they were cheaper than cards and easy to pick up packs and the fun associated with putting stickers into an album. Doing that though, you always had the peel part to throw away. Well, not always, because O Pee Chee 1988, for example, the backs were essentially their own cards...

The stickers are missing from these, so we just have the backs, but people do still collect just backs, so these are all traders...except the one Jay addition with Henke. Most, as shown here, happen to have 2 copies, most but not all.

It's not just blue backgrouds for the first half, but red for the second half (see examples below). A definite improvement to just having a paper back for throwing away, so all for these.

Also nice that the last card is a full checklist too - also showing in colour coding that the blue are your NL cards, red your AL cards (and that the checklist is not biased and a bit of both.

Didn't get a full set - missing about 10-15 of them, but I'd probably want full sticker sets, not just the blank backs if I was going to collect the set.

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