Saturday, October 14, 2023

A Couple Traders From TCDB

 A couple trades for sharing today, and first up, one from zwalter1 at TCDB which was a small two for two trade. I don't normally do trades this small, but it was offered up, and I couldn't see much else to add to it, so did it anyway.

Kelly was there because, between the set build and uncorrected errors, I want to ensure I picked up a second copy for the set build, and here it is.

Hill was the clincher though as this was the 7th and final Jays card for the base team set from 1991 Score 100 Rising Stars, so another team set completed!

The other trade to share today is from Trouttrader - a first time trade partner at TCDB, who sent...

Nothing here that completes a team set, but any time I can get a serial numbered Jay card, I'll take it! The McDonald's Bell is a nice gold foil card too. Lastly, I think I am just down to the Fred McGriff rookie card for my Donruss 1986 base set Jays.

Thank you both for the great trades, and another to share tomorrow!

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