Tuesday, October 17, 2023

bobber kill-in it!

 Today, another trade for share. This one with bobberkill at TCDB. I should warn people - I will have a few box or larger package shares coming up soon as well. In October, Canada Post again has been providing free shipping Tuesday to small businesses which allow a free package to be sent. I've taken advantage so far and have a few such packages in the wings for sharing. I am sure they are as good as below, just may be more cards in those. Overall, the saving for myself will be about $100 on the mailing costs - woo hoo!

We have a bunch of 80s O Pee Chee help, though not finishing any sets. We do have a few one and done Jays insert "sets" thought. First of those being Stieb's 1983 All-Star card.

I don't know why the derby card was on my want list. Maybe it was tagger as a Jays card at some point, and maybe I missed removing it. Either way, not something I need to keep.

Carlos, Jose and McGriff are all fabulous one off Jay "team sets" of their various insertable goodness. I like the stamp/rough edging on Jose/'s black and white card, very nice. George's archive card looks spot on for 1988 Topps, and the McGriff skinny so Tall Boy looking card is pretty good too (though a baby blue background might have been sweeter).

Appreciate the cards and the trades as always, thank you!

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