Thursday, October 28, 2021

Closer to Completing

 Yeah, getting closer to completing a set that I wouldn't be keeping anyway because it's let's look at the highlight for me first.

Yup - a dupe Leaf card from a solid Upper Deck set. Unfortunately, not a variation from the hologram that would make in new to me, but that's okay. If I pulled a Toronto card every day, I'd be happy.

As for the nearing set completion part....have to look into the rest and specifically 1997-98 Topps Basketball.

There were enough cards missing from the 110 card base set when I last pulled through, I didn't bother getting a list of all those MIA, but I will do that here as I think this covers "the rest".

So, who is still missing?

1 - Scottie Pippen

7 - Damon Stoudamire

17 - Charles Barkley

32 - Patrick Ewing

46 - David Robinson

54 - Allen Iverson

100 - Dominique Wilkens

104 - Shawn Bradley

107 - Charles Oakley 

109 - Shaq

To be honest, given what we have seen thus far, I expect we may see 100, 104 and 107 - guys we have seen before, but the rest, I can believe would have been pulled as the stars...and Damon as a PC guy for someone else.

An interesting way to look at what other people collect I guess.

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