Tuesday, October 5, 2021

Trickling Set Help

 A neat day in trickling pick ups from the lot today, o let's start with the set help.

1999 Topps Opening Day was a set I started collecting earlier in this lot, but only got about 78% of the set intially. Here, able to get some more additions, which put it over 80% complete, and also give me hope I could get even further with this set.

The couple "junk wax" era set helpers don't hurt either. Neither does...

A nice dupe Carter from Studio, looking chill in shades.

A dew insert or similar type keepers...

So if I understand this right, the 2003 Fleer Box Score set has a base set, but there were also some essentially boxed add on sets which were limited print runs, and one of those was for All-Stars of which Nomar here is a card, so I'll be keeping it.

The two Pro Set "Puck" cards come from a 30 card set which was included with Puck candy, something I don't believe was in Canada at all, but don't quote me on that, I just don't remember ever hearing about it and was a kid that would have heard about most candies. Oddball "food related set means...keep!

As does uncorrected error card...

What I don't keep is...

Wait...this looks obviously like 1987 Donruss, but isn't black....

I didn't know, but apparent Donruss had an Opening Day set that was released as a factory boxed set.

The team logo cards are really awesome - love it, but not going to be a set I look to complete since factory sets generally are harder to piece back together, and I am happy enough trying with the 1987 normal Donruss set.

Nice to see both parts of the greatest home run chase ever with McGwire and Sosa.

The Cunningham is pretty darn nice with a foil look that is also cammo looking as well.

Overall - solid bunch today!


  1. I likea dat Donruss Opening Day sauce, good thing not too many of those Pucks made their way into Canada if you can imagine a round puck shaped O Henry is my description of it where the cards were hard to get in decent condition.Cards with corners into a round packaging = fail!

    1. It's like putting a square peg in a round hole.