Saturday, October 30, 2021

Three Quarters

 Three quarters is always a good milestone when completing a set. Being most of the way there, still with some room to go, but with the end zone or finish line, or goal posts, in sight.

These cards help bring me over that 75% line with the 1991-92 Parkhurst hockey set.

Luckily needed most of the run of cards from the start of the second series on the 475 card set. Taking card of a bunch of B-team in Boston and Buffalo...not necessarily second tier. Cards including a second copy of an uncorrected error card...

Another set from the era which doesn't bring me anything to keep is heavily in the rest...

Still a great design as were most early Upper Deck sets.

We have some unneeded Parkhurst as well and...

What looks like the base cards from a pack of 2003-04 O Pee Chee in all of it's teal goodness.

Last up, a quick insert from basketball...

A very plain checklist, but an inserted checklist nonetheless.

Let's end another post with a PWE, this one from TCDB member Vader099 who sent along these...

A nice bunch of cards from California. Unfortunately, he learned a tough lesson in sending as it was his first mailing, and they stuck him with customs, etc instead of sending it as a true PWE. To all those in the US reading here - I am always happy going by PWE with trades across the border. I have had no issues, and it is a hobby, so there's no rush if the mail takes a couple weeks.

The Cujo was a nice bonus here, and the 2 Topps cards finish of the massive 5 card Leaf team set so a couple nice wins!

Thank you for the trade and hoep we can do more, less costly ones, in the future!


  1. Ouch, going through customs must have cost him some coin. PWE is the only way I will trade, since I attempted to send one card in a bubble mailer and was told by the postal clerk that it would cost $14 USD. That was more than the card was worth!

    1. Yeah, I think he said it was about $15USD to have it sent as they considered it a package.

  2. There are no customs charges for Americans receiving cards from Canada.
    Canadians can be charged for customs and duties depending on the declared value coming to us from the USA.

    1. Yeah - issue was really it not being considered a PWE, and them dinging him for sending a package, requiring the customs form.