Tuesday, October 26, 2021


 These are fun pulls with great variety from the 20k in 20 Lot, which definitely looks to need a renaming to maybe 25k in 20.

These are the smattering of new cards for the 1996 Collector's Choice build and run through both series which is good. Jaha and Greeg stand out for me as guys I remember watching back in the day. I guess Steve Young as a name - though wrong sport here.

We also get two more hologram variation additions. I still just count these as base cards in my totalling, the hologram is such a minor item and most don't consider it a different card.

Ridley is another new addition for my Leaf collection out of 1994-95 Pinnacle which is nice.

We actually also get a couple inserts:

These should have just done a Biography stand alone set with this design instead of a stand alone. A set akin to Documentary in baseball. Though a massive base set to do so would mean big bucks spent in trying to put it together....

As for the rest...

First Class Giants is only a small handful subset in Collector's Choice, though could have done really well as a 50 card insert or more. Love these newer cards of stars from the past.

A bunch of hockey from sets we have seen fairly recently.

And some recent basketball too - though didn't get these subset cards yet, so a little closer to a complete set...not that it matters for my collecting.


  1. Hey a Tony Eusebio sighting! Love the Wakefield and Mathewson CC cards, and the Titanium Dowd.

    I never get sick of seeing '92-93 Upper Deck hockey.

  2. Hey said the word Eu Eu Eusebio oh oh uhh ya and back to work i go ,