Monday, July 3, 2023

Stars and Prospects

 A fairly succinct post of cards from the COVID lot today. The pull is baseball, and the subject sets are 1995 SP Champsionship and 1999 Topps with a prospect subset.

Okay, as far as subsets go, this is a nice one. I can see either liking the colour or not, but it definitely does stand out. My only moment of sadness on it was, in entering the cards in my traders on TCDB, the few that are missing are the Jays cards I would have actually kept. Dang it!

Not sure why the prospect cards from a few years later are with them, but so be it. 1999 Topps least I get another one for the Jays collection, my 4th copy of Vernon. I will have a couple Montreal cards to go off to Mike at Not Another Baseball Card Blog

I am definitely not a fan of the "Rookie card" banner used on these, and am glad they moved away from this gold being the main border colour, now just using it for parallel purposes. Decent enough cards from both sets, but not going to take any run at either one thank you.

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