Wednesday, July 26, 2023

Unknown Needs

 Today, a nice surprise from the COVID lot as, at first glance, I didn't think I would need any of these cards, but it was just me being confused on which set I was still working on!

We have some great cards from 1991-92 Upper Deck McDonald's All-Stars. Now, I thought it was this year I had completed, and I needed some for 1992-93, but I was wrong - it was the other way around. Actually worked out in my favour then, given I got to add these 6 cards then to my set.

Seeing what they do now for the All-Star games - I remember back when these were the uniforms, and what a big deal it was a few years later when they went to the purple and, I think it was teal, colours.

My preference when it comes to the all star games is to have a "real" team uniform for each side, but then either, by way of team logos on the arm's or something else small in that way, signify the team. When everyone just uses their team uniform, it gets a bit messy looking and not so "team" feeling.

Being an All-Star set, you don't really get a stat line, but you do get a write up in English AND French!

Anyone else in need of any cards from the set, here are some of the dupes...

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