Monday, June 3, 2019

Summer Time!

No luck getting any of the three missing base cards, but we do get not one....

but two Summer Rae cards in the same pack. I can connect the next card together with Summer by way of a certain day....

Rusev Day. It was always best announced by Aiden of course, and Summer was connected to Rusev, ever so briefly by the drama of his leaving Lana for her. A short lived angle when Lana and Rusev's engagement in real life became public.

We then end with a last insert for the Authority Perspective with the Rock. I can't even pretend not to know who he is giving the Rock Bottom to. I think anyone who knows anything about wrestling these days would recognize the ring attire as John Cena.

2 Packs, 14 Cards, 24 Points.


  1. Your blog is single-handedly getting me interested in watching WWE again. Miss me some of The Rock and the rock bottom.

    1. The charisma of The Rock is not something many can produce these days. I think Bray Wyatt could get there - he can be quite captivating, not as electrifying and high tempo, but still captivating (akin to Jake the Snake Roberts).