Saturday, April 16, 2022

All Dunne

 Last pack, so let's go!

This was Riddle ending his NXT time as he moved to the main roster.

A shame Regal was let go from WWE in late 2021. He was great on screen and probably was a huge resource for newer talent to learn from behind the scenes as well. Not sure why his departure made any sense, but it is what it is.

Always love me some Gargano!

Makes sense we get a Dunne card with the last pack.

Great to go two for two in major stars I enjoy from the product.

With that, we are done. 17 packs later (as I kept one unopened), we have 68 of 100 base cards, 8 purple parallels like the one above, 34 We Are NXT inserts, 2 artwork inserts, 3 Finn Balor Tribute cards, 2 NXT Alumni cards, and the two autos which came up in the first two packs.

A fun product to open, and hopefully we can do some work to finish off the base set if nothing else.

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