Tuesday, April 19, 2022

Design Flashback

 Well, whenever you are talking about Heritage sets from Topps, you know you are getting a flashback design that will evoke feelings. Here's what the box looks like...

They didn't even bother with different photos for the side...

The packs at least are different, so let's pull one for the unopened pack collection, leaving 10 to open today and the next 9 days.

King of the soccer mom hair, AJ Styles with a very green pack to match the very green box.

Here's pack number one for opening...

So 1990 Topps is a design which will evoke some kind of reaction. Personally, it was a set from my childhood and the colours stood out at the time, and are easily remembered. I do like the way the design has been used here, TV show name where the team name was, WWE logo out of the way, easily read name on the front, and you start with Drew - excellent so far.

Guess they could have used a red border design for the Raw brand wrestlers, but only a small complaint there.

The blue border works very well with the EST of WWE and all the other Smackdown brand wrestlers.

Here is the foilboard card from this pack - they show up once every other pack. We saw a fair bit of Keith in the NXT cards, glad to at least get one main roster card of him before he was axed.

I hadn't looked at the insert sets ahead of time - I do enjoy the surprise - and A&G's insert design here is pretty darn sweet. Not to mention, Mr. Perfect gets big nostalgia points too.

We end with another former WWE wrestler with Bray Wyatt - still can't believe he couldn't be used in anything and was released. The mask is still all kinds of awesome creepy.

Great first pack and definitely looking for me!


  1. Don't really watch wrestling anymore, but the woman on the box with the green hair is easy on the eyes.