Thursday, April 21, 2022

Getting The Smackdown

 Today's 2021 Topps WWE Heritage is heavy on the Smackdown.

I hate the "Happy Corbin" character. Don't get me wrong, early Corbin wasn't too great either. I didn't mind where he was inbetween - after he cut the hair, but before he became "Happy". Is what it is, and I guess someone likes the changes. The man does put everything into whatever he is given though.

I mean this as a compliment, Dolph is like a Chris Jericho light. He is able to tweak and adjust his character, he is a great upper middle carder who can be a main eventer in short spurts when needed, he is a great teacher and good hand to have.

Here is Tamina entering number 25 in the 2021 Royal Rumble.

Always enjoy a good Finn Balor card.

Scott Hall before he became Scott Hall....though his name is actually Scott Hall, so technically he was Scott Hall before and after being Razom Ramon. My head hurts.

Nope - when I think of this man, I think first of Tugboat, then of The Shockmaster, not Typhoon. Fred Ottman was the classic 80s-90s big man.

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