Saturday, April 30, 2022

Goodbye April

 Sure, it's the weekend and our tax filing deadline is Monday but work is basically done now and the pressure is off. Though will probably be a bit of a mad dash on Monday for some last minute people.

Not too bad in going back to Judgement as far as the age of the cards go. Would still love to see something from 4th or 5th edition pop up as a surprise in one of these.

There we go. Can't get much better than the rare being an artifact card, and being one I didn't have yet. Not the most useful of cards, but from a collecting stand point, 5 stars for that one.

Primal Clay seems to be the same as Queen of Ice - just about in every one of these packs, so nothing I need there.

A bit of a trade off today - less to keep, but a really good rare artifact I didn't have, so we can call it even.

Tomorrow - on to something new and exciting which will take maybe 6 months to go through - give or take.

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