Tuesday, January 19, 2021

Let The Race Begin!

 Back to the end of the starting grid for the Indy from the 1995 SkyBox Indy 500 set...

We get the classic Malboro car of Paul Tracy. I do remember his Team KOOL Green years as well, but it's the Penske time with the Marlboro car that I was most into racing. Paul was a solid racer - a bit of a hot head at times, but a solid racer.

Apparently we try and still get a baseball pose into a racing card set....interesting enough.

We then get to the starting of the race, a nice shot of the field both, before, and just after they get moving. A stark contrast here between the number of team members around the cars then versus how it is in a COVID-19 environment.

I'm guess that next up may be some cards from the race itself and then some about the finish..but will have to see...

Only appropriate while I have a racing post to also share a trade with TCDB member Ricky_Bobby. A fellow Canadian from whom I was able to get a couple set completion related cards...

As well as a whole bunch of Jays...

The first card, any Jays fan would recognize from being the circling the bases after the World Series winning homerun by Joe. The Jack Morris is a "Gold Rush" parallel which do not scan well, and then we get a bunch of 1994 Stadium Club. Definitely one of the poorer designs for Stadium Club as it gets all caught up in the 90s craziness for colours, etc.

Other than a Canseco card from 1999, we just right to present day Jays, I am still well behind on anything Jays 2017-2021, and that's okay, still so much to collect. I am happy to get anything new as I likely don't have it, but with card prices these days, I am not out there scouring for the cards.

Hadn't seen the Topps Gold Label set at all from 2019, but here you have the Alomar with a solid design.

We end with a bunch of 2020 flagship and Opening Day cards. Always enjoy a good Biggio card, and Gurriel's speed is evident by the hair in that card...love it!

Appreciate the trade Ricky_Bobby, thank you!

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