Sunday, January 24, 2021

Their Backs!

 I promised the next time we looked at these I'd show some backs...

A rainbow of colours, but lots of facts and race specific information on these, so very solid work all around. It would be interesting to compare how much prize money has gone up over the years.

Here are the fronts to finish off this set. Given the size of the cards, I don't expect them to be floating among the regular card size boxes..but I guess anything is possible...

The last of the oversized cards come from 1995-96 Jam Session

These are slightly bigger than the Indy 500 cards, and very much 90s coloured and designed. I mean, I have no idea why we plaster little dot design lines over the picture, and why the top border needs to change every card almost. Very 90s.

Maybe the regular cards tomorrow will be more...regular.

Let's go back to some cards from with some Jays that, in a fell swoop, finish off three different team sets.

1993 Flair is a really beautiful set, like a recent year of Stadium Club with great photos, but excellent, thick cardstock and nice gloss. These are all beautiful - even the checklist, though I scanned the wrong side for my Jays collection as Alomar is in the background on the back.

Another set, which I hadn't seen before in hand is 2001 Flee E-X...

The sparkle in these cards doesn't come off in the scan, but I can live with the red colouring given the larger amount of red in their uniforms in the day.

This last set is the 2002 Home Team Advantage version of the Topps Blue Jays. I had absolutely none, and boom - whole complete!

Really appreciate having these team sets done and added to the display shelf - big thanks!


  1. Never seen those 95-96 Jam Session cards before. I think the only ones I own are from the 93-94 set.

  2. That '02 Vernon Wells is awesome. I have so little knowledge of the cards in 2002 Topps

    1. Same here - the late 90s and early 2000s still have many cards that frankly, I don't learn about until I end up being offered them in trade, or the otherwise just end up in front of me.