Saturday, April 29, 2023

A couple trades

 Yeah, it's near the end of April, so my creativity is pretty zapped, so my apologies if the post title isn't very creative, but let's get to them!

First up, a trade with Rangerfreak94 which hurt my heart. I mean the cards here are great, but the postage he paid was more than it cost me to send my second trade shown further below.

As for the cards, one of the last Stadium Club cards I need for the set build, so it being Wayne isn't a surprise. The rest are Leaf additions are pretty nice, but the Komarov with the great snow effect is my favourite.

As for the best card effect - the HoloGrFX is pretty eye catching!

The second trade was with TCDB member BlackhawkBjorn all the way in Norway. He got my package in less than 2 weeks, and for about $11 CDN which was excellent for what it was. Glad I could send him some cards he needed, and this is what I got in exchange...

A nice single set addition with a Pavel young gun, and then we have 4 Leaf cards which were or completed team sets. Really like the Potvin from Pinnacle Inside, but not my favourite set overall, but happy to have it done for my Leafy Leafs!

We picked up a few uncorrected error cards in the bunch, and then below, a few Jays, and lots more Leafs!

I haven't looked into it, but I keep wondering why the 1980-81 set has a tendency to have the name "puck" design on the front completely blackened like this instead of having the name? Is it a printing issue, an age issue? I have seen it on a number of cards but never spent the time to really look into it myself...maybe after April.

I am getting closer on the 1993-94 Topps gold parallel set. I don't have many parallel sets complete in my Leaf or Jays collection, so that would be a great one for me to focus on and finish up.

The Black Ice parallel for 1995-96 Score was one I didn't have much to, and we got a bunch here. Too bad they scan poorly.

The gold MVP DOuggie is solid (no pun intended). I like the design much better than the silver one.

So, there wasn't anything that I necessarily had to go all the way to Norway to be able to trade and receive, but I was more than happy to send cards where they were needed. Definitely would do it again, though maybe not too many a month or anything because it is much more expensive than a stamp or two.

Thanks again to both for the great trades!


  1. I think it was an experiment. Scratch off areas on the cards. This one hides the name. Probably a reason it only lasted one set.

    1. Not sure I even heard that, but interesting enough, and I guess it didn't fair too well in the aging category..