Wednesday, April 12, 2023

Sliding Away

 Well, the good news is, I think this is the rest of this set that we will see out of the COVID lot, the bad news is, it's not something I collect, and these things suck to try and scan with how curved they are.

For a 230 card set, I probably ended up with about 170 of them or so, with most stars but not all, pulled before they got to me. Now, it's a great source for team collectors since I don't think there are any teams which have been picked out, so if anyone is interested in that regard, let me know.

Even with the lid down, you can see the shadow around the cards as they work together for their freedom!

So, in short - not a big fan of this set, not looking to keep these around long, and happy to give someone a started set if that would be of any benefit to anyone out there!


  1. Gotta imagine these will make excellent trade bait... since this set was pretty popular back in the day. Plus... I feel like there are at least a handful of collectors who are going back and trying to complete high end sets from the 90's.

    1. A very good comment as I have seen good trade movement in getting these to new homes.