Saturday, April 15, 2023

Cape in Hand

ericcapemay - first time trade partner on TCDB - sent me a bunch of Jays, helping by taking a bunch of unneeded baseball cards of my hands in exchange. What I got, seemed to include a lot of Robbie!

Robbie's career definitely has had it's highs and lows - ever since he stopped playing actually. I can understand those that stopped collecting his cards because of it, and though I do find it harder since he stopped playing, he was a Jay, and for better or worse, is remembered as one. He is a Hall of Famer, and that hasn't been taken away from him.

So, even though I am Canadian through and through - born, raised, the whole nine yards, I am still missing at lease a couple O Pee Chee base cards for almost every 80s set. Not sure how it happened, but it has....sorry to have let you down Canada...

As you can see though - ericcapemay did come to save the dau, at least a little, in patching those missing gaps with some of the Jays cards. Especially appreciate the future stars - best of which would have to be Barfield.

Thank you for the trade, and one more 1982 Topps base cards to go with the ones the checklist helps there.


  1. What is going on with the cap on the Stieb in the bottom photo? Really sketchy airbrushing?

    I'm colour blind and I can tell that's not the right colour.

    1. I am legally blind, so I understand the vision issues, but agree - looks like poor airbrushing.