Sunday, April 16, 2023

Breakfast at Tiffany's

 Back to a random assortment of hockey cards from the COVID lot today - which turns out pretty nicely I must say...

Hard to tell by scan, but those first two are Tiffany Scoring Leader inserts from the 1990-91 O Pee Chee set. Definitely a great start. As for the 1991-92 O Pee Chee to follow, nice, but a set I have completed, along with the Sharks & Russians insert set highlighted in the bottom row.

A handful of 1991-92 Upper Deck keepers which comes down to the hologram as I am putting together both sets. Why? I don't know really....but I am!

The Eddie look great with the mask highlighted, and of could a Pearson Young Gun isn't a valuable card, but a solid pick up for me....4th copy from the looks of it.

Another nice dupe Leaf pick up with Dave, and we end with some 1999-2000 O Pee Chee cards and poo colour border which makes the set a bit too unattractive for my liking. Does mean those are up for grabs if anyone is interested!

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