Thursday, April 18, 2024

Taking A Chance

 A quick pack to share today. I had one extra pack I hadn't opened from a box of cards which gave me a signature and a full 50 card base set from this 2012 release...

However, I wasn't able to sell it at a garage sale for a buck, so let's just open it and get some trade fodder out of it. Whether you like him or hate him, Pete Rose can be a polarizing figure.

The set isn't something that really makes me go wow, and is much like the Babe Ruth set Leaf did. 

The simple write ups on the back don't do much for me, but some of the photos are pretty darn good.

Whether you agree or disagree with his legacy, it is hard to argue he was a great player during the game.

Wednesday, April 17, 2024

Clean Designs

 So some baseball from the COVID lot today, and just two sets, but decent enough designs. Topps used something very similar in the late 90s.

The designs were quite similar from 1999 and 2000. Even 2000 Opening Day which I am collecting is a simple silver border and oversized set logo, but at least the designs were simple and straight forward. Not overly exciting and was like the exit of the flashy multicolour designs that made much of the mid to late 90s.

Fine enough photyography for a flagship set, but the second set is the one I actually like much more...

Sure, two new for me Jays cards are a great outcome, but the Victory set here...I really like it. Good use of team colour on a simple design which doesn't take away from the photography. Not much more to ask for on the fronts.

By 2001 Carlos Delgado had finished his fourth season in a row of 30 or more home runs with the Jays.

Nick Johnson wasn't a bad rookie. He had a solid career exceeding 10 years, with stints in New York, Washington, Baltimore and with the Marlins.

Tuesday, April 16, 2024

Hockey Happenings

 As we continue to wind down with cards from the COVID lot, we get a nice variety of cards, but not a whole lot to keep.

Solid star power in the cards today. Roenick, Gaborik, Koivu - not too shabby at all.

Always appreciate a good newer card of an older star, but still nothing for keepers until...

A short print Peca and Bobby Hull being a need for 2006-07 Parkhurst.

Nice and good, but my favourite part of the cards today - seeing Teemu and Kariya together in cards. They were a great duo and their time really made the Ducks something to watch early on in the franchise.

Not sure we are going to get any more big accomplishments before finishing through the lot, but still a couple weeks of cards to go - should be through at the end of April....getting close though, just like getting close to the end of busy season, thankfully!

Monday, April 15, 2024

Some Mo ProMo

 A bunch of 401games Magic card pick ups today. I went on a quick Promo related search on the site and just picked up a bunch of them, as I know I didn't have many, and figured I would need most if not all I saw. THose along with a few core 2019 and 2020 sets, and let's take a look.

Noticed I was still missing some cheap core set artifact cards, so those were easy additions. I don't really pick up anything this way for more than fifty cents a card - just gets too expensive.

We then get into the promo cards. Some are prerelease cards (ones with the foil stamp date). These would be given out at pre-release events, and eventually get back to stores to sell for those who trade them in or their collection as a whole, so not unusual to see them come up, just not something I had focused on since the card itself is in many cases no different, save the foil stamp.

The cards with the planeswalker symbol silver foil stamp in the bottom right corner of the picture are other promos usually released in promo packs and again, in most cases, are no different from the actual card except the stamp.

All in, there are a few one and done cards that were the only artifact or land card in the promo set, so those are nice pick ups, and in general, like them for being the bit more unusual than a simple base card. Does make it harder to double check and make sure I catalog things right and ensure my want list is correctly updated, but I'm good for that challenge any time!

Sunday, April 14, 2024

Later Gader!

 A TCDB trade today to share, this one with member Gader09.

There are a few cards in my 1990-91 O Pee CHee set that I am doing quality upgrades on - just very heavy gum stains, so that's why Scott is in the trade. The rest are Leaf needs, including my first two Preview UD Leaf cards from 1998-99.

The stars of this trade are the 2012 Panini Molson Stanley Cup Collection cards, which are 10 Toronto Maple Leaf cards from the set (I have one other Leaf one), and the Arena one. I just need the St/ Pats, but will count this as complete for the Leaf team cards....for now...

I just wish there were more recent years represented on these cards....but I can dream.

Saturday, April 13, 2024

Time To Play The Game

 Another typical pick up to catch up on my Magic cards from 401 Games 

We have the first set going back to a single booster (play) from the draft / set split types. Of course we still have the collector booster as well. The Clue inspired set is...alright, but nothing that draws more attention from me. Let's look at some colorless artifacts and lands from the set - might as well pick up some singles...

Many more lands that produce colorless mana in this set than I have seen in a while.

Nit a surprise to have a lot of clue tokens in a set with the Clue theme. I should have scanned the backs as there is a scene that goes across the Clue cards when put together side by side - very nice.

No "big" cards in the bunch, but it does knock some of them off my list on, essentially day one. I do try to avoid more expensive cards right away as MOST bounce down before going back up. Not all but a good enough strategy overall.

Friday, April 12, 2024

Victory To Be Had

 ddevito1988 sent me a trade offer on TCDB, and it was to help me with a set build. Who am I to say no?

2001-02 Victory is now 395 of 440 cards complete for me. All started with a box I bought, and from there, mostly trades, and a little help from some lot purchases, and getting to within striking distance now.

Oh, and had a Leaf tack on too...can't say no to that. Tucker is an important one too as he completes my Leafs base set for 2002-03 Upper Dexk Victory.

See - Victory!

Thursday, April 11, 2024

Another Small Timmies PWE

 Another pack-like trade for Timmies cards, and this one with TCDB member nordiques24.

How can anyone not like Al MacInnis? A great star for the flames and a great 'stache! We continue to creep on completing the base set, I just need to stay focused. 

I think it's part of collecting. We can focus, hyper focus, lose focus, refocus and need focus, but I try to keep in mind then need to ensure the hobby remains fun, no matter which applies.

Wednesday, April 10, 2024

Traded for Traders

 Had a small in person trade with fellow Burlington resident and TCDB member Sean_bren. The cards I gave him weren't actually cards he needed, but cards he needed to trade to someone else for their needs. Works for me!

Not able to finish any Leaf team sets or Timmies base sets, but these all sure helped.

Still really like the over the top flashy gold etchings inserts from Timmies.

A second Tavares is needed so I have one for the team set and one for the set build.

Always good to see you Sean.

Tuesday, April 9, 2024

Interesting Extras

 The package today to share is a trade with TCDB member jamestagli. The trade was for mostly Jays but we got a couple extras too.

The Pitching A Gem insert from 2022 A&G is a one and done Jays team insert set, and I am down to only one base Jay left from the same set.

The Carter purple ice prizm is the shinier of the bunch.

The packing extras were a surprise and though I have no plans to collect them, are an interesting look at non -English cards.

A great little trade and very much appreciated.

Monday, April 8, 2024

Player Highlights

The COVID lot decided today would be a good day to highlight a few players, and who am I to argue? 

Scott started with Minnesota in 1990 and it was his 20 win season in 1991 which had him as a star of the game very early in his career. It didn't last though as, he ended up leading the league in losses with 19 just two years later.

A move to Baltimore in 1995 helped a bit and he did well through the 90s. Truth be told, I don't remember him pitching after 1999, but apparently he had a few outings spread across four teams in 2004-2006 - which were not great, before calling it a career.

 He did get his World Series ring with Minnesota in 1991, but that was it. Wonder what the mind set is winning so early and whether it's really appreciated at the time, or more so over a career where it continues to be elusive.

Garret was almost a career Angel's organization player. The last bit of his career was with Atlanta and then the Dodgers. Over his career, he surpassed 2,500 hits and almost 300 home runs.

Getting his World Series ring in 2002, and winning the home run derby in 2003, he was a really great player, but as shown with his one year Hall of Fame voting (getting 0.2%), he wasn't in that top echelon.

The Marlins early years quickly saw Charkes be the guy behind the plate. He was a solid defensive catcher winning 4 golden gloves and helped the team in it's early years, including the 1997 World Series win.

After leaving the Marlins, he bounced around a handful of teams but only saw the playoffs again in 2000 as a member of the White Sox.

An interesting trio of stars from the 90s (mostly).

Sunday, April 7, 2024

It Doesn't Take Much

 I mean, the whole point of a PWE trade is to get a few cards you need for the cheap price of traders and a stamp. Here, it's like I got a pack from Timmies as I get three cards, except I know they are all needs before they even show up.

TCDB member CardDad78 sent these my way to help with the slow Legeds set build. These get me up to 70% complete on the and make for a great and quick April posting about cards. A bit of an Islanders hot pack.

Maybe after the business of this month, I can focus on this as being a set I can actually get completed.

Saturday, April 6, 2024

Hockey Grab Bags

 Today, the couple random hockey card grab bags I picked up from which, given how the others went, I don't have high hopes for, but they should be a fun go.

From the showing cards, gather we are looking at the last decade or so. I guess this is better than cards from the overproduced early 90s.

With 12 cards a pack, that isn't too bad, but similar to what you would get at Dollarama. Most cards from the mid-10s.

The good news is, I do need a few of the 2016-17 Upper Deck flagship base cards, so at least I have some keepers.

One insert/parallel with the gold 2013-14 Score card, but 24 cards and no Leafs. 8 keepers though out of the 24 isn't a bad rate, so I think this is a better go than the game cards were. I still have a couple baseball packs to go, so maybe those will be just as good as these? Maybe?

Friday, April 5, 2024

Golden Dabblings

 Never going to be upset getting gold parallels, especially early 90s hockey. As a kid, these parallels are the first real "chase" cards I ever remember.

I think there were a few others - holograms cone to mind for inserts, but the gold sticks in my mind. They may not have been super rare, but they were different enough.

Bowman YoungGuns and Be A Player All Star Edition have nothing for me to keep.

2006-07 Upped Deck MVP I am working on and get a couple more keepers, but plenty of traders for this set if anyone is looking 

Thursday, April 4, 2024

Club Hitters

 Another day of cards from thew COVID lot, and a bunch of baseball today...nice!

Nice - a couple keepers for the set build of 1987 Donruss. Add in a couple Jays additions, though not new, still nice pickups. I like the Dempsters set and have it complete, but a neat little design for a nice team release.

Then, Stadium Club. Tony is a bit marked, but I know where to give him away. Stars for the rest, but not a set I am working on so, trade fodder it is...except Greg, he is for the error binder....

1994 Studio is down to 10-20 cards left for my base set...sweet....

Is it just be, or is the 1995 Bazooka design a better choice that the early 2000s offerings from Topps? What's your preference?