Saturday, April 30, 2022

Goodbye April

 Sure, it's the weekend and our tax filing deadline is Monday but work is basically done now and the pressure is off. Though will probably be a bit of a mad dash on Monday for some last minute people.

Not too bad in going back to Judgement as far as the age of the cards go. Would still love to see something from 4th or 5th edition pop up as a surprise in one of these.

There we go. Can't get much better than the rare being an artifact card, and being one I didn't have yet. Not the most useful of cards, but from a collecting stand point, 5 stars for that one.

Primal Clay seems to be the same as Queen of Ice - just about in every one of these packs, so nothing I need there.

A bit of a trade off today - less to keep, but a really good rare artifact I didn't have, so we can call it even.

Tomorrow - on to something new and exciting which will take maybe 6 months to go through - give or take.

Friday, April 29, 2022

Almost there...

 Just a few days left until the busy times are done, so let's finish up with some more Magic repack cards as this should be a decent but quick go through today and tomorrow.

A decent start with a keeper in the Bronze Sword. A newer card given it's just from 2020 which is probably why I don't yet have 4.

Never really like seeing basic lands in these, but an Omega Myr (my second) from back in 2003, works for me.

Some cards seem to be in almost every one of these repacks - Queen if Ice definitely fits into that category.

Another solid pick up with Ulamog's Despoiler.

Though that's about it for this half. ABout part for the course for me in these - a bunch of cards but only keeping a handful or less. I think these may be the last repurchase Magic cards I bother with as I might as well just pay for what I want directly from 401games instead and get more for my $4.

Thursday, April 28, 2022


So, it's good to be busy at work. I mean, job security, enjoying what you do, etc. Boy has it been busy. This is hands down the busiest busy season I have been through in the 20 years I have been doing it. I mean, between staff shortages and significant growth, it's just been a tight stretch to get everything done. Heck, last week I work 100 hours - thank goodness I was able to do it remotely, or I just wouldn't have slept all week.

So glad May is almost here!

Last pack of cards in the 2021 WWE Topps Heritage blasted, and we sees the Queens...but first...

Really enjoying Bobby's run with WWE this time, though it took a bit to get him on track.

Other than WWE pushing a little hard at times on upping her titles, Charlotte does have all the tools and is a great heel, like her dad. 

Just....that Sean Waltman definitely doesn't have hair like that anymore. 1-2-3 Kid was a good storyline against Razor Ramon and picking up his first big win. Not sure if Sean had a thing for the number 6 before, but he kept the theme. When he went to WCW, he was Syxx, then coming back to WWE, it was X-Pac (get it - 6-pack?).

Not one Queen, but two! You can see the difference here between the base and the rainbow foil or foilboard card.

Not a bad pack at all.

Keeping with the wrestling theme, I was offered a trade by TCDB member martinchabot who has a number of wrestling cards. I don't want to buy at this point, so wait for a trade offer from him as he does like to sell, but if I have stuff he needs, he will trade. Got rid of a few sports cards in exchange for this...

A really nice SN out of 50 EC3 from NXT. This would be the blue parallel, and it is a shame EC3 didn't get a fair chance to success in the E, but he does succeed to make this card look like it should be in the top 1%.

Wednesday, April 27, 2022

Back When

 I was going to do an all back post, but then saw this card come out...

The Miz was so young! I know, 2006 was 16 years ago, but it sure doesn't feel like it to me. Heck, my wife and I got married in 2005, and that feels like yesterday - kids definitely help making the time seem to fly by too.

Miz was so young and obviously trying to find himself in doing what he obviously loved to do, but painfully trying to fit. It worked out through some trying pains like hosting the Diva Search, though he did find Maryse there for himself, so it worked out for him anyway.

Obviously a sticker card back, so the rip card looking back fits the overall design well.

I can understand the sticker back not having any write up or "card like" information on it, but the A&G backs are lazy. I mean, thanks for telling me what card I got, but why not tell me something about the wrestler. Heck, even if it's basic stats like height, weight, hometown, date of birth, I'd be cool with that.

No surprise that the backs of the base cards are similar to the 1990 Topps backs. Nice little box for the show logo, the black and white box border at the bottom, bright yellow background. I have one complaint - why are the details in the white box so small? Couldn't you crank it up a couple points in font? Us legally blind people like to be able to read this info to you know!

Tuesday, April 26, 2022

Winding Down

 A few packs to go, and no surprise, no repeats yet. I will say newer Topps blasters seem to be solid on this front - no dupes in a box, however the inserts and that are fairly similar box to box, part of why I wouldn't bother getting multiple blasters. I'd rather get what I can from one and then trade for what I am missing if I can.

Have seen both of these before, but in the foilboard or rainbow foil parallel, so now at least have the base version too.

MVP has made the most of his opportunity coming back. He had a fine midcard run back in the 00s and could have called it there with the WWE, but coming back and being involved with Bobby has worked out well. From what I've heard in his interviews, he wanted to let his son see him wrestle in a WWE ring, so all the power to him for making that happen.

R-trust has earned his career and his time with WWE. The man is legitimately funny and willing to do anything and enjoy it.

I think my scanner isn't a fan of the foilboard cards with all the waving.

Love the classic Macho photo here.

A good half smirk from the Tribal Chief to end.

Monday, April 25, 2022


 Here we are - a week out from the end of another crazy busy season. Not sure if these pack a day type posts are interesting for you our there or not, and may not provide a big post each day, but it's what I can handle best this time of year. Besides, ripping a pack a day keeps the blues away, right?

Another great wrestler that would be good to see reaching a high peak again. Her and Shinsuke had similar high points a few years ago with Rumble wins. Asuka can still be a top wrestler with just a little focus from creative.

Guess they didn't have time to pull a pic from her on Smackdown since this is obviously from her time in NXT. Another wrestler who lost their last name (Blackheart), Shotzi is different and unique. Some Paige vibes, some Lita, a little Luna, but all wrapped into a cool person who shows growth in the ring. Besides, the green hair helps with the Women's rainbow from Becky, Sasha, Asuka, etc.

Have to include him somewhere in each set I guess.

Speaking of Sasha, here she is with her subdued blue hair colour.

Funny enough, we also get Shinsuke - must have heard me talking about him.

Remember when The Miz was beating Roman for second level belts? Yeah, Roman picked up his game and is on that top tier now. I have to say though, it wasn't the 4-5 years of WWE pushing Roman as the next John Cena that did it, it was letting the crowd boo Roman like they wanted, and letting him grow into the Tribal Chief character that really cemented him as a top star.

When you talk top star - Charlotte's always going to show up of course. Pedigree and ability, it's deserved, even in wacky 90s sticker format!

Sunday, April 24, 2022

Up and Coming

Let's start with one that has upped and reached the top...

I don't think Big E necessarily got a fair shake in his title run, but happy he was able to have a chance with the title. I think he should be able to pop in and out of the main event as needed, but he isn't "there" like Reigns or Brock.

With NXT, we have the not quite there's. Expect he could have a good run in the midcard of the main roster for a good while, but time will tell.

Still really like Tommaso.

ANother one of the rainbow foil / foilboard cards.

We end with two men cut from a similar cloth of big tough guys.

Saturday, April 23, 2022

Hello Bay Bay!

 Now this is a solid pack!

I still hate the name, and will still call her Piper Niven.

Lacey was off most (amybe all) of 2021 due to her pregnancy.

I was really looking forward to the HBIC (Head Baddie In Charge being the PG moniker) finding a place on the main roster. I figure with her skills and personality, she'd make it, but again, by the end of 2021, she was released.

Oh Bay Bay, why did you have to go? Still, has been AEW's gain as Adam has continued to hit it out of the park in the ring.

Absolute perfect shot for the genius of the sky, Io Shirai. Many wrestlers have a tendency to be either better faces or heels - Io should definitely always be a heel, specifically playing the crazy role, she does it well.

A whole lot of fierce in this pic of Becky. Love it.

And backing that backside up to end....yikes!