Sunday, March 31, 2019

Woo hoo to a short print Leaf

Doesn't get much better to be personally than picking up a new Douggie card. Nice that it is short printed as well. I've talked to him being my personal favourite captain of the Leafs, because he was captain when I was watching every game growing up as a kid.

Now this is someone that I didn't know anything about growing up as a kid, or frankly, until getting this card and wanting to write up something about him for this post. Skookim is his nickname and means strong. He was a packer - that much I got from the back of the card which, as the back variant, doesn't tell me anything else. The deliveries were to miners and in the area of the mountains in the Alaska and British Columbia area.

As for the base cards - again, no surprise, all new to me.

This has been a nice week of packs, getting a number of Leafs for the set, and a couple other nice cards like the auto and Jim Mason here as well.

10 packs, 60 cards, 241 points.

Saturday, March 30, 2019

Here's the auto

Just as simple as that, here is the autograph pack thankfully. As for what the auto is....I'll be a tease and save it to the end.

Always a fan of Kunitz as being a solid hand and good part of the Stanley Cup winners in Pittsburgh.

As for the rookie here - Emile, so far 8 games in the NHL over two seasons and a single assist in the big league.

Next up we have...

A medium sized catfish...catfish I have heard of, but specifically yellow bullheads - nope, not until today. See, this is what hockey cards (and inserts) should be...educational!


On card autographs are so much nicer than sticker (though I happily would keep both). This is one area that the design does help, because with the extra white space, it helps the auto pop on the card.

There you have it - the autograph promised for the box. As I mention, I think I have the two promised memorabilia cards as the final two packs...question is, what surprises do we get in between?

9 packs, 54 cards, 198 points.

Friday, March 29, 2019

Three days in a row

The 2015-16 Champs pack today continues the trend with...

This gives me 4 of the 11 "base" Leaf cards. More than happy if I get over the hal way mark since the box as a whole doesn't give me even half the base set in general.

The gold front insert of today is...

A decent Canadian one at that, and a rookie with Hellebuyck out of Winnipeg. This is actually a short print (kinda?) and is one per 15 packs...nice.

We then end the pack with the remaining base, all needed...

Karlsson as he should be - a Sen, and a couple nice goalie cards in the mix as well.

Another solid pack, and three in a row with Leafs...can the trend continue tomorrow? Probably not, but we shall see!

8 packs, 48 cards, 154 points.

Thursday, March 28, 2019

When it rains...

I guess it might be more appropriate to say when one Leaf falls, more usually follow.

Not only another Leaf base, but a gold front parallel as well ina  six card pack - definitely a win for me no matter the rest.

Here we have a high-ish number card....and end with the rest of the new to me base cards...

The Jason and Patrik cards are fairly similar on the front pose...I find a lot of the same looking shots when the backgrounds are whited out, but at least Cam stands out with the vibrant Oilers uniform.

7 packs, 42 cards, 126 points.

Let's also share a quick PWE from wbaker01 with some Leafs and a Giant.

A really like the Andreychuk die cut, but also the Murphy because it wouldn't always be the easiest to find for a Leaf collection since he is in the Pens uni.

Ending with a single wrestling add - classic Andre the Giant.

A bit thanks for the trade!

Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Leaf Uncovered

It was only a matter of time before I got one out of the box....

Can't complain about getting Morgan. May just be a regular base card, but one  I didn't have, and given the career year this year, a good one to get now.

I also just want to point out - even just the bot of background, makes the card that much better in my opinion - even just the black out of focus background.

Another slightly short print crd  that was needed of course, as wre the rest of the base...

Only comment on these - really not a fan of those bland black and white Islanders uniforms.

6 packs, 36 cards, 101 points.

Speaking of uncovered Leafs...I uncovered one on Listia I was in need of, so won that and some more Magic cards...

Yeah - a Pinnacle parallel with interesting effect. Apparently this was called Rink Collection but was a metallic wave effect. Still,a nice card and a need knocked off the Leaf list...okay, not really a list because it's like every Leaf card I don't own...but yeah, new for me.

I love the Bone Flute card - mostly because it is the old school border. Heck, from 1994 this is only a year after Magic started. The Dark wasn't too expensive an expansion set compared to others from the time frame, but still nice to get an old card (actually my second as I have one other, but twive as nice).