Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Leaf Uncovered

It was only a matter of time before I got one out of the box....

Can't complain about getting Morgan. May just be a regular base card, but one  I didn't have, and given the career year this year, a good one to get now.

I also just want to point out - even just the bot of background, makes the card that much better in my opinion - even just the black out of focus background.

Another slightly short print crd  that was needed of course, as wre the rest of the base...

Only comment on these - really not a fan of those bland black and white Islanders uniforms.

6 packs, 36 cards, 101 points.

Speaking of uncovered Leafs...I uncovered one on Listia I was in need of, so won that and some more Magic cards...

Yeah - a Pinnacle parallel with interesting effect. Apparently this was called Rink Collection but was a metallic wave effect. Still,a nice card and a need knocked off the Leaf list...okay, not really a list because it's like every Leaf card I don't own...but yeah, new for me.

I love the Bone Flute card - mostly because it is the old school border. Heck, from 1994 this is only a year after Magic started. The Dark wasn't too expensive an expansion set compared to others from the time frame, but still nice to get an old card (actually my second as I have one other, but twive as nice).

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  1. Love Pinnacle and their use of Dufex technology back in the 90's.