Friday, March 29, 2019

Three days in a row

The 2015-16 Champs pack today continues the trend with...

This gives me 4 of the 11 "base" Leaf cards. More than happy if I get over the hal way mark since the box as a whole doesn't give me even half the base set in general.

The gold front insert of today is...

A decent Canadian one at that, and a rookie with Hellebuyck out of Winnipeg. This is actually a short print (kinda?) and is one per 15 packs...nice.

We then end the pack with the remaining base, all needed...

Karlsson as he should be - a Sen, and a couple nice goalie cards in the mix as well.

Another solid pack, and three in a row with Leafs...can the trend continue tomorrow? Probably not, but we shall see!

8 packs, 48 cards, 154 points.

1 comment:

  1. The Sharks could really use Karlsson right now to help them end this insane slump.