Saturday, December 31, 2022

Finest Way To End The Year

 Okay, the title is a little direct...

We get to end 2022 with enough 1994 Topps Finest baseball, that I could get fairly close on a set, if it was only 220 cards however the set is twice that, and I haven't seen any of the second half yet, so still not overall interested on adding the list to my radar.

From a collecting perspective, this year has been a good one, as have the last few years actually. This is the first year that I cleared over 100 trades - usually before I was doing about half of this. I am not going to make that mark any kind of target, because it's always been the quality of trades that are more important to me. I'm fine with less trades for more cards too, but those haven't happened as much this year.

From a total card amount in transactions, I have had years with more movement. I'm about 5,000 cards changing hands this year, whereas I have been over 6,000 before. Again, not a complaint, just a fact. My Blue Jays and Leaf collections continue to grow with the Jays now at around 12k and the Leafs close to 8k.

My wrestling card collection continues to slowly and quietly grow at about 4,200 cards now, and I continue to keep on top of my Magic The Gathering card collecting too - now at about 4,000 cards all in as well.

What will next year bring? Probably more cards, more Leafs, more Jays, hopefully some completed sets one way or another, and some more of the COVID lot. I still have another lot to even start which is about 15k cards, all newer baseball. If I ever get through the COVID lot, that's next on deck. I also have a pile of unopened stuff, some of which I bought 4 years ago, that I haven't opened yet....maybe 2023 will be the year.

Happy New Year everyone - see you back here next year!

Friday, December 30, 2022

Set Aside

 There are some spots in the COVID lot where it looks like player collections, or stars, have been put aside as part of maybe a first go through, and then decided against keeping, and they still ended up in the lot.

I think that is what we are seeing a bit of today.

e saw a bunch of the same set already, but it had been missing some stars. It looks like those stars were set aside, until now, though I am still impressed by the number of each card here.

We saw a bunch of Jagr cards, so these didn't end up with that same group for some reason. Same can be said for Forsberg and Iginla, and I can best guess that Clark and Gilmour may have been pulled for PCs and then decided against.

It's interesting to try and figure out the thought process on lots that have been gone through, and for what remains, what may have been there, and what never was. As for me today, no winners or keepers, but some solid star cards I can find new homes for.

Thursday, December 29, 2022

Public Disservice Announcement

Good day to you all. As I decided to go through this painful exercise - I thought I'd make sure everyone out there was aware of it so that you could choose to ignore it (unlike me), or, if you are compelled to have to follow in my sad footsteps....ensure I don't feel alone.

Today, a quick reminder (or maybe it's not so lucky new information) of the micro variations on 1990 Fleer baseball cards. I decided to go through my, thankfully, small started on this "set" to break it up into two that I will work on.

As you may not necessarily, quickly see, this variation is all about the printing line at the bottom. On Canseco, you have the "Fleer Canadian" version, which is the Canadian printing of the set. Simple enough to tell once you are aware. I am going to continue ahead with working on this set.

Lance and Jerome are both the "American" version or printing from this set. I am going to also now continue to build the American version as well.

I will not however be caring of whether I get the U.S.A." versions like Lance, or the "U.S.A" versions like Jerome. I did go through and ensure my cards are all listed properly on TCDB, especially for this "dot" / "no dot" variation as I know it can matter to many, but for a set build, I am not going to care.

The importance of tracking the microvariation does matter to me when it comes to my Blue Jays collection, so want to be just as detailed for others.

Was it fun to strain my eyes looking for a dot? No - but by 1990, manufacturers were nice enough to have already given us practice - Donruss - I am looking at you!

For those of you that may gloss over these variations - you are a better person than I, while for those who are going to, or have taken on the task of separating and tracking these variations...thank you for not making me feel alone.

Wednesday, December 28, 2022

Hitting Repeat

 In getting bigger lots of cards, there's always the possibility of repetition in some cards, and we get a few of those today, from one of my "favourite" hockey sets every...

So, let's take a closer look at each and there hockey success...

John Porco never made the NHL but played for most of two decades in leagues through Germany, Scotland, Italy and other places in Europe mostly after some time in the OHL and AHL.

Ken Rowbotham only played the couple seasons in the OHL really, and called it quits after that.

Ken Ruddick spent most of the 90s in the ECHL after his time in the OHL - no NHL time.

So - about what you would expect for some OHL minor meaguers.

We also get a few 1993-94 Pinnacle Canadian cards with a pair of Hull's to highlight. Keep in mind the difference between this and the "regular" Pinnacle set for that year, as the Canadian has the French language write up on the back to go with the English, as you can see on the Brett card. I'm not collecting this set yet, so all up for grabs if anyone is interested!

Tuesday, December 27, 2022

Another Edge

First - a little late with a quick update, but it was a busy Christmas, and yesterday was a nice chill day of just staying away from everything and relaxing/resting.

Christmas at my mom's was interesting as her over decided to die mid turkey cook. Luckily, with help of a nearby over and helpful friend, all worked out just fine - dinner was just a couple hours later than expected.

As for cards and gifts...I did get my usual Tim Hortons packs from my mom - about 30 or so, including the binder this year which is cool. Received some Magic card items from my brother - though he doesn't know exactly what I collect, it's the thought that counts. I received a $40 gift card from my son, and a few Magic cards which were artifact related - though not all on point, the thought was amazing and appreciated. Will of course share through those things over time, but not today. Biggest get of the holiday was Santa getting be the replica WWE circa 2014 white Intercontinental Championship Belt. As one of the "stupid in price, not really needed, but really cool and wanted" things in life, I had wanted such a belt when I was a kid and promised that when I could afford it, I would eventually get one. With the house paid off, and everything being comfortable these days (for which I am grateful), glad Santa thought the time was now.

So, hadn't seen any of these Collector's Edge football sets before this COVID lot, and we have yet another pop up today.

As you can see, this is the 1992 edition, and the black border really makes the cards look sleek. Now, the cardstock itself is quite thin, though not at flimsy as I would expect,'s okay.

As with the other Collector's Edge sets that followed, these base cards are all serial numbered on the back, though the style is very early 90s, and not like the sleek numbering you see today. The backs are decent otherwise which is cool.

A number of the cards are actually in duplicate or triplicate, and I find it interesting looking at the numbering of the SNs. I assume it must have been from a number of packs or maybe a box that these came from, so you have some duplication, but I wonder how the collation worked when it comes to the serial numbers in the box or from pack to pack.

Regardless - trade fodder a plenty if anyone is interested!

Another day I get to end with a TCDB trade - today another with Eriqulous which covers some baseball and some hockey.

Somehow I only have one other 1985 Blue Jays team set cards. Well, at least 3 more here which is nice. A couple base card adds, and a few other random Jay needs covered.

Another nice Vladdy Jr. cards another great Jays additional here as well. It may be a bit surprising, but these 1990-91 Upper Deck hockey cards are all needs as well. Why? All those little hologram differences on the back as these are all the "comic ball" variety.

We end with a bunch of postcards, which are not something I will go out of the way to find and keep given their odd size, but hey, if they are offered up - all for keeping them!

A great trade, as usual, with another fab member of TCDB.

Monday, December 26, 2022

A Quick Boxing Day Post

 I don't know about you, but Boxing Day can be exhausting. Our family, like many I am sure, end up doing a 2 day Christmas because of doing the two sides of the family. We switch up which family is on Christmas day every year to be fair, and the other day we typically use is Boxing Day. What does this have to do with cards? Well, nothing other than, it's why I am keeping it on the shorter side today as we have plenty to do still.

Oh - and if you are wondering about card hauls, I got a few items which I will pull out at some point...which knowing me means, any time in the next year (or two).

Today, we go heavy on the acetate...

We went through some of the base cards (all serial numbered) not too long ago, and today we have some of the inserts which highlight rookies. As you can see, I got some in duplicate...well up to six copies for some, but I didn't bother scanning them all.

You can see, given the front and back scans, how these look, but have a lack of everything other than photo, and name essentially. Aaron looks like he is going for the no look hug here....

I don't mind the look, and I get the need for clear parts in the design in order to show the acetate-ness of the cards. The numbering isn't so subtle, but overall....I can't not like them. I just really like cards you can see through!

Sunday, December 25, 2022

A Magical Christmas

First, hope  everyone is having a good Christmas Day. It will surely be a busy one here as it has already been (we head over to my mom's later today, then my wife's parents tomorrow too).

I figured since it's Christmas, I should be opening something, so I pulled out my Magic card repack from 401Games which I picked up 6 months ago, but hadn't yet gone through.

The deal is basically $20 for 1,000 cards which includes about 25 rares. All in, that's exactly what I go, but instead of going through all of the cards, I am just going through the ones that matter to me - the artifacts and colourless mana lands, so let's see what we ended up pulling in those roughly 80 cards. 

Usually these boxes are good for not being overly repetitive, though as you can see here - one card with way too many dupes. Generally, not an issue is there are a couple since I will keep 4 of any one card, and in many cases here, I only had one before.

All in, only about a handful of cards in these that I will not be keeping, which is much better than I expected.

A solid mix of cards from the 2008-2020 period with a few before, and a bunch of cards which may end up getting to my son if he wants to build some decks as well.

All in - that's it for today as I don't want you hanging around the blog when it's Christmas! A happy holiday to everyone, and have a good day to anyone who doesn't celebrate, either way - take care, and see you tomorrow when I may be a bit more talkative!

Saturday, December 24, 2022

A Couple Greats

Player focus today from the COVID lot, as we hit on two absolute stars of the NHL. 

Joe Sakic may have started with the Quebec Nordiques, but the move to Colorado after establishing himself as a star, with the franchise move, meant he was the face of the franchise in Colorado for the entirety of his time there. The unusual story of a man staying with one team his entire career, but the team actually making it a tale of two it were.

In a career that spanned about 20 years, Sakic eclipsed 100 points in a season 6 times, had over 1,600 points, and two time Cup winner - a career that wouldn't get much better.

Jagr - another great star who spent many years as a number two - which isn't a bad thing when in reference to Super Mario. His longevity is amazing and though he may not be in the NHL, is still playing at an elite level in Europe.

Two Stanley Cups from his early days in Pittsburgh, 5 100-point seasons, though he will also be associated with Pittsburgh, as he journeyed through his later NHL playing years, he spent time in Washington, Boston, Calgary, Dallas, New Jersey, Florida, Philadelphia and New York.

The only reason he isn't in the Hall of Fame yet is just because he continues to defy and play professionally - but he will be in as soon as his time after retirement passes.

Friday, December 23, 2022

Decked Out

'Twas the night before the night before Christmas and all over this blog, cards from Upper Deck to share!

The COVID lot provides a smattering of early 90s Upper Deck hockey including just a couple keepers, though Tie Domi is always a pleasure to see. Loved his time in Toronto, definitely a favourite.

A single Leaf addition, and not a new one, but a welcomed keeper with Osborne.

Other than these couple uncorrected error card keepers, the rest are trade bait...

With all of the hologram variations, I almost missed the French language Bondra. Sometimes, there's just too much going on with all the possibilities with these cards...but I know all the little variations do matter to people, so it's important to try and catalog 100% correctly so as to make trading as easy and fruitful as possible!

Let's finish today with some baseball cards by way of PWE trade with TCDB member 80s90sHoopHead.

When people point to the laziness of Topps in recent years, it's the errors like that on the leader cards above that really draw my ire and attention. I needed, and here received, dupe copies as these fall into not only my Jays collection, but also my error collecting binders as well.

I mean, when someone copy and pastes things from one card to say, the stat heading on the back saying AVG on every one of these cards, even though they are obviously different stats. I mean, just, lazy.

I do like the Spring shiny Stars insert card...very cool.

We also get to end with the Jays "Mascot" - though not sure why he isn't referred to as Ace...may be a trademark or name thing? I don't know, but a one and done Jays insert, so all kinds of cool and awesome, including the COVID mask reminder for when the photo was taken.

As always, big thanks to HoopHead!

Thursday, December 22, 2022

1996 SP Baseball

 As we close a little closer to Christmas, we get another new to me set, well for the most part, from the COVID lot today - 1996 SP Baseball.

About 150 cards to share, though I am not going to scan all of them. We do start with the prospect subset to start, though only a few cards from it...not really a surprise. Then we get into the meat of the set.

The backs of the cards all have a small write up, and the same minimal stats (boo) along with a second (well, third if you include the mugshot on the front as well) large photo. The "dark" of the cards is true in hand. I don't like them with the finish, they would be better as a simple non-foil or chrome-like look, but we get what we get. I mean, it is a bit "SP" in look and feel.

Now, getting these cards is great as trade fodder. Cards 1995 - 2010 or so do seem to move faster than other cards I have (newer stuff, people tend to have bought enough of, and junk years is everywhere, so a big market of people to trade it).

The woodgrain design is nice, just wish the finish didn't take away from the look. Still, looking forward to moving some of these cards to get some more fitting cards for keeping.