Sunday, December 18, 2022


 Not a very long post today as we have a quick bunch of Premium Stock cards from 1996-97 Pinnacle.

Have had a few of these come up before - the hobby version of the set being on thicker cards with silver foil instead of gold. Some good cards with Theo and Federov in this bunch. Not a set for me, and I wish they did a little something more with the front foiling than just the little bit of design, but so be it.

A look at the backs in case you forgot what they looked like, and that's it for today. Nothing for me, no Leafs, no keepers, but just means more trade fodder if anyone is interested!

We end today with another quick PWE trade from TCDB - this one being with first time trade partner, JeffWestlake.

Just a quick couple cards as Jeff is early on getting his cards into the website, but I'll take a new wresling card and a dupe Marner for the long term goal of a Timmies base set anyday!

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