Thursday, December 22, 2022

1996 SP Baseball

 As we close a little closer to Christmas, we get another new to me set, well for the most part, from the COVID lot today - 1996 SP Baseball.

About 150 cards to share, though I am not going to scan all of them. We do start with the prospect subset to start, though only a few cards from it...not really a surprise. Then we get into the meat of the set.

The backs of the cards all have a small write up, and the same minimal stats (boo) along with a second (well, third if you include the mugshot on the front as well) large photo. The "dark" of the cards is true in hand. I don't like them with the finish, they would be better as a simple non-foil or chrome-like look, but we get what we get. I mean, it is a bit "SP" in look and feel.

Now, getting these cards is great as trade fodder. Cards 1995 - 2010 or so do seem to move faster than other cards I have (newer stuff, people tend to have bought enough of, and junk years is everywhere, so a big market of people to trade it).

The woodgrain design is nice, just wish the finish didn't take away from the look. Still, looking forward to moving some of these cards to get some more fitting cards for keeping.


  1. I'm down to needing 16 of these to complete my set I see at least 2 in those you scanned that I need). Not one of my favourites. The backs are inconsistent in tone; the Premier Prospects subset are completely different than the rest of the set. I like subsets that are easily identifiable to its set.

    1. Looks like there may be 9 per TCDB - and a few other cards I can send your way. I'll get a transaction over to you in the next day or so, but with the holidays, would be later into next week before it gets sent (though no rush regardless on my end).