Saturday, January 28, 2023

Adding Some Flow

 Three more packs of 2022-23 Timmies hockey cards today, and we get our first Flow of Time insert, which fall every 24 packs, so it may be the only one I pull.

The card marks Benn's 9th season as team captain, which is the most in franchise history. It's a nice look at then and now for a player, so another insert concept I can get behind.

A couple more base dupes again, so looks like I may end up just short of half way on the base set if this keeps up, but just means I will have some work to do getting the rest by way of trade once I am doing going through these.

Friday, January 27, 2023

Worth It

 Well, unfortunately have our first base card dupe (see Tyson Barrie below), but can you spot the big name we did get?

Big thumbs up for pulling in the McDavid base card as that's a nice one to get by way of the pack pull. 

The other nice pull from these packs is the every twelve card pull in the Mercer InMotion Phenoms card. Mercer had a solid first season with New Jersey, and continues to improve this year as well. Will be interesting to see how he grows in the next couple years, and New Jersey with him. This year, New Jersey has already been well ahead of what they did last year.

Now, will the packs tomorrow improve over todays in a same manner? We shall see...

Thursday, January 26, 2023

First Leaf

 Three more packs of 2022-23 Timmies to share today from the Christmas gift pile, and we finally get our first Leaf - and our first Crosby.

Not sure which one I am happier to get - Crosby with the black and yellows Pens jersey with the gold shiny foilage looks great, but any Leaf is a great one for me!

No dupes again, and still more solid base card pick ups again with Stamkos, Karlsson and Doughty. The binder is finally starting to look like I am putting some cards into it with 9 packs now opened.

Haven't hit any really more rare inserts yet...maybe tomorrow!

Wednesday, January 25, 2023

Teaming Up

 I haven't looked at all the Hockey Triumph insert cards, but if they are all like the couple below - I like the team celebration aspect of them.

A lot of the time, you might get a teammate stuck in the card if after a goal celebration for example, but both Triumph cards here, and the one yesterday, show a bunch of the team. I like it!

Funny enough that two of the packs had teammates show up in the base cards in the same pack. Happy yo get Leon, now just need to keep an eye for his teammate, Sid and Ovi to take care of the big non-Leaf names in the set.

So far, so good, no dupes. Even if that holds up, I'll be just over half the base set, so there will be plenty of cards still needed for the binder, one way or another!

Tuesday, January 24, 2023

Liking The Binder

 So as I start opening the Timmies packs for the 2022-23 set (30 packs to open, 3 a day, so just a single scan of 3 packs of 3 cards), this is the first year I have the set binder I can work to fill.

I only have 2 cards of the base set and no inserts ahead of starting to open these packs, but the binder is perfect for holding all of the base and insert sets - except the most rare of rare items like autos and relics, but doubt that will be an issue. With 120 card base set and about as many insert cards, it's a nice little binder to fill!

No dupes on the first go, which is excellent, and as for the inserts - they are as pretty as ever. I am guessing that I will still enjoy the gold etchings the best, but that Spectrum Kadri is pretty sweet.

Now, as long as my counting is alright - I can put these in their final resting homes in the Timmies binder right from the start!

Monday, January 23, 2023

Merry Timmies!

 I mentioned before that my mom, like in prior years, bought a bunch of Tim Hortons hockey packs which she gave me for Christmas. As it turned out, there happened to be one other pack....

I of course am putting one of the Tim Hortons' NHL packs away for the unopened pack collection, but had to debate what to do with the Team Canada pack. I won't collect it - it's not an NHL level set, and no "Leafs" to collect as I count them as Team Canada cards throughout (which they are). So, let's just open that pack today and look at the "regular" Timmies cards starting tomorrow.

Wow - a great pack indeed. McDavid would be one of the best base cards to get (maybe Gretzky is slightly better, but that's about it, and the Trios cards are in every 24 packs, and getting this trio, is a solid $20 based on ebay sales.

Excellent and great for trading...almost enough to change my mind on the set as a whole, but we will see what I can get in exchange for these in cards I do need/collect.

Sunday, January 22, 2023

The Mean Streets

 We saw the Streets of New Capenna in the deck a couple days ago, now to see if we have any luck with a draft booster pack - another of the gifts from my brother.

I hate the extra packaging on the hangers - such a waste of materials - but I do understand the need as far as selling in box stroes )this one came from Mastermind Toys). Anyway, let's strip off that extra layer...

Much better. Now with these packs, you either hit a money card and it's worthwhile, or you don't. I'm going to lean towards don't being the case here, but let's see...

All new to me common cards, but nothing that blows my socks off, and nothing that falls to the artifact collection.

Well, the good is I get one artifact keeper - though it's really like a quarter card, so not big value. As for the rare Widespread Thieving - it's a quarter card too, so a complete bust on the pack.

Can't win them all unfortunately - though the packs I go through tomorrow should have much more for me to keep!