Monday, May 17, 2021

A Set in A Week

 I am going to go out on a limb and say that over the next week, as I go through a bunch of 1992-93 Upper Deck hockey cards, that I am going to have a completed set when this is done. As it stands, I have about 230 cards from the set. It looks just about right for a set in the box, and I know there are hologram variations again (card 1-440) on this set, but let's see how it start with the first 100 cards of the 640 card set.

The set starts nicely with the Collector's Choice portrait checklists for each team. Always liked these as they were so well done and stood out in the sets. Besides, checklists are underrated. Back in the day, how else did you know which players you were missing or team collecting...the internet has changed things like this seeming to matter, hasn't it?

After the checklists, you get right into the regular design, but a handful of superstars with Gretzky, Hull, Lemieux, Jagr, and Wayne again.

One of the noteworthy cards from the set would be card 88 - appropriately - for Eric Lindros. A good reminder of how big a deal he was when he was starting in the league.

Sunday, May 16, 2021

Kids Just Want To Have Fun

I always like seeing new sets show up when going through card lots, and today we get a cool one. 

Unlike the 2012 and 2013 Triple Play cards which were supposed to be meant for kids, these 1992 Topps Kids cards (it is a 132 card set), does it right.

You get a quirky front design, but keep a normal player pose picture so kids get to know the players, and though I don't show them here, a colourful back which reminds me of Bazooka gum wrapper cartoons, but with some simple stats for the year and career as well.

I could see liking these as a kid. Even now, looking back, the design isn't my favourite with all the different coloured swirls, etc, but I get it and commend them for the effort...unline Triple Play.

Now this is interesting. I need to go and see what I already pulled, but pretty sure that, from the Pro Set football set cards that were missing in the binder, these were some of them. Not saying it will get the set completed, but possible as I think Montana and Marino were names that were missing in action.

Nice - more Star Trek. Again, would never go out of my way for this stuff, and if it isn't complete, it isn't staying, but still, love the nostalgia trip.

Ah, my introduction to Whoopi. I didn't know anything about her when watching the show, and thought the character of Guinan was a really interesting one and played well.

It wasn't until a few years later and things like Sister Act, I found out she was such a great comic. Contrasts very different from the quieter, subdues but poignant Guinan. 

I was sad to see Wil leave the show - but enjoyed his time years later on Big Bang Theory. Jonathan was amazing to see for his growth over the series - both the character he played, but also as an actor - just very different between clean shaved and rugger Frakes.

All these great cards, and we will end with the last couple cards which are the only keepers...

Great way to end the day.

Saturday, May 15, 2021

Lonely...oh so Lonely...

 Sometimes when pulling through an assorted lot of cards, you don't get too much. That's where we are at today. Just a single card I am keeping in the bunch - at this point.

A single base set helper out of 1992 Upper Deck baseball. Sure Rob only managed 3 hits over 25 at bats in his major league career, but he is still important to complete the set.

Wasn't the only card from the set either today, just the only one I needed.

I will admit that the 1992-93 Bowman design was a bit washed out, and the "B" as a logo isn't my favourite, but the glossy card stock was nice at least.

1992-93 Topps Basketball. A solid design, exactly like that of the baseball counterpart, though no gold parallels here. Great design, and some great players as we go through...

The Glide and The Mailman deliver as all star players...

Reggie Miller before he decided to cut the hair (a good decision by the way).

We even get a couple football cards, but my surprise for the day...more Star Trek cards...

Move the headshots a little more to the left and you have some cards screaming for autographs. These are from the 1992 Star Trek TNG set, different from the set we saw the other day.

These are fine, but really could see a set with all the characters with space for autos...still...very blue cards...but very cool.

Friday, May 14, 2021

Boldly Going...

I was always a Star Trek fan. I have grown to enjoy Star Wars as well, and the two can co-exist in fandom, but Star Trek was my first interest.

I remember as a kid of 8-9 years old, Saturday mornings at my grandparents while my mom and grandmother went out shopping, one of the shows on I'd watch was the original Star Trek series in reruns. About the same time, Next Generation was in the first couple seasons, but I didn't get to start watching it until the early 90s, shortly after I then watched all of Deep Space Nine and Voyager.

 Anyway, my point is, whether I get a set to keep or just ditch these cards, really cool to take a look at them.

These are 1991 Impel 25th Anniversary Star Trek cards. Obviously, they highlight both Star Trek and Next Generation. The backups discuss some of the major events/episodes, and the fronts highlight many of the memorable  characters and moments, as well as ships.

Very cool little set - will have to see if more show up in the lot.

There are some decent keepers though today...

Always happy with picking up another Gilmour card - though this one did end up with a little damage on the back. Would love to get a good clean one, but this does fine for keeping regardless.

We get two set helpers for 1992 Upper Deck baseball, but not the only baseball keepers...

Awesome food issue cards from Pepsi. I have the Jays and maybe one other, but would love to get more of this 30 card set out of 1992! As a side note - the Glavine card here is the corrected version, there is apparently an error version showing the reverse image on the front.

As for the rest, some damager Pinnacle hockey still...

as well as some other cards that won't be staying...

Took a while for me to remember where that hockey ad card was from (1991-92 Stadium Club hockey). Other than that, some dupe 1992 Upper Deck and basketball as well.

A nicely varied day!

Thursday, May 13, 2021

No Way and Hitting 8K!

I have no idea if this is going to impact Canada - but I am sure many of you have heard that Walmart and Target in the US are not selling some sports or trading game cards (originally I thought it was all, but appears only certain ones) until further notice. I fully appreciate the reason given - safety of their staff and patrons - but still surprising it has come to this.

No idea how this will play out long term - if it will go back to normal at some point assuming the current boom goes away, or it may help the boom go away, but no real impact for myself as the cards I really want, I get from 401games for Magic and for sports cards, since I don't have a big interest on current, I get through lots like the one I am still working through now!

Yup - now sitting at 8,000 cards in on the "20 in 20" lot which I have been going through in '21. I call it the 20 in 20 because I expected it was about 20k cards and I picked it up late in 2020, but that mark may be  on the conservative side...only time will tell.

Today's cards which get us to that 8k number are really a bit of everything, which is always cool.

1996-97 Pinnacle can be a tricky set. What I mean is, I have found cards in lots a couple times, and they can be problematic for sticking. Here, the only one that seems to have a bit of damage is Mats (see the bottom left) with some speckling colour of the back of whatever card was in front of him.

Luckily Mats is a dupe, and will keep him nonetheless....and flipping him around, the back is a bit rough too. At least the others are alright include Todd Gill which is actually a Sharks card as he was traded, but pictured in Leaf garb.

I am not collecting 1989 Bowman, but I'll keep a UER card any day of the week, thank you kindly.

As for the rest...know how I mentioned Pinnacle being problematic to start the post...well, I have some packaging...

You may not see it on all the fronts, but the left side of the backs are all speckled, and Fisk has one end that is frayed from side to side, so no keeping him either. They will be put to good use still.

The cards that survived...

Yes, an odd basketball checklist and..

Some odd stuff too. We have a handful of cards from 1988 Leaf Baseball's Greatest Grossouts. I think of these being a cross between baseball and tame Garbage Pail Kids cards.

We end with a second Terminator 2 card. I know I have seen the movie, but I don't remember it at all!

Wednesday, May 12, 2021

Long Time No Want To See

 So, I am going to fast forward through one other part of this lot as there was another sizeable amount )let's say 300 cards or so) of a set I have covered before and have no interest to collect...

1991 Upper Deck Football.

It is solid in it's early 90s Upper Deck design, a good size set as well at 500 cards (plus another 200 for the high numbered series, but none of that here), and decent subsets in the base set, so no complaints as a whole on the set itself.

It's really just more a case of - seen enough of it, and since I don't collect it, there isn't much more I have to say about it.

To that extent, I just pulled a few cards to highlight some of the subsets like the Rookies, Aerial Threats, and Collector's Choice cards, and a few from the normal base design in case anyone wants to see what is on offer with this set.

A feel very much in line with the other Upper Deck sport offering between baseball and hockey.

Just not any keepers for me...

Let's end with something I do want to see, a PWE show up from a nice TCDB trade!

Fellow Ontarian, Ricky_Bobby sent me a trade offer actually looking for a bunch of hockey and a couple baseball, so sent my way...I bunch of hockey and a few baseball cards.

These are related to a couple of my slow build sets. 1991-92 Stadium Club is getting close though, less than 30 cards missing in the set for me.

We also got some Toronto content of course...

We hit a couple older cards, needs from the early 80s, and some new. I honestly thought I had the Vaive, but not so much, and as for the newer Upper Deck - I have so little of the last couple years, which likely won't change much given prices. I mean, I much rather spend $100 on 10,000 cards from yesteryear than $100 on maybe 150 cards of a current set.

The last couple cards...

I am slowly picking up the last variation cards (yes, Inc. versus Inc) on the 1990 Donruss MVP inserts, and I needed another Sosa copy for the error binder.

A great job on hitting a number of different collections there Ricky_Bobby - way to shake 'n bake!