Saturday, June 25, 2022

A Second One?

 Interestingly, I didn't expect to have a second set to talk about, but apparently Looney Tunes cards were successful enough for Upper Deck that after the 1990 set, they made another set in 1991!

A bit different front design, but still our loveable Looney Tune characters getting into baseball hijinx. A little bit more interaction with real baseball stars, and by interaction, I mean having photos plastered onto these cards to involve them and giving them speaking bubbles, with probably no care or knowledge of this set by any of the players. At least they used Hall of Fame caliber players from the looks of it.

This set wasn't double sided the way the prior year was, instead, the backs put together bigger pictures as you can see from some examples...

I don't have enough cards to show what one would look like, but you get the concept at least. No personal interest in any of these cards, but it is something different, I will give it that!

Friday, June 24, 2022

The Adventures Continue

 I remember watching Looney Tunes as a kid. It was part of the what I grew up on along with Sesame Street and Polka Dot Door (and also a special shout out for anyone who remembers Today's Special).

Somehow or other, I never did hear about this 1990 set, nor see any of it in hand until, well, today.

The cards are double sided, and apparently, if you get a whole set, and put them in the proper ordering in pages, they read like a comic strip, which is pretty darn cool.

Other than my not being able to scan a card right side up, I can see how that would work with the cards above.

Not sure if I should really consider this a baseball card set...but with it happening to be about baseball, can see why. I'll count it as non-baseball though. I don't think I would have cared enough as a kid to collect them - I liked the cartoons, but that's about it.

A bit surprised that this is actually almost 300 cards in all as a set - but then again, the more cards, the more for kids to collect (and buy).

I will say, the cards do picture the exact style of the cartoons, so great representation there.

As a kid, I was a fan of Bugs and Porky Pig, but as I got older, I connected more with Daffy and Yosemite Sam....not sure what that says about me.

Thursday, June 23, 2022

Look Up The Word

 Today we continue a begrudging task with regards to 1992-93 Upper Deck hockey cards - study that hologram. I have a complete set of Upper Deck logo only hologram cards, but have for some reason start work on the text and logo hologram version/ Why? Apparently I like suffering.

Today I studied these cards as hard as Peter studied that helmet. I ended up with two more needed cards of the almost 20 here. Most of the rest were not the text version anyway, but the couple others that were, I already had.

Such variation hunting becomes a bit more problematic as you trade and need to walk people through the differences, or take your chances in getting cards that are not the variation you want. People make mistakes, it happens.

Anyone else bother with master sets on any of these hyper-variation rich sets. Donruss baseball late 80s to early 90s, I am looking at you.

Wednesday, June 22, 2022

It All Nets Out

 Today's cards from the COVID lot...

bring us 120 cards from 1994-95 Upper Deck. Basketball had been a bit lacking in this lot, and that would be OK with me as I don't collect it, but I was a bit surprised.

I don't mind the set, and the design, and it is standard 90s Upper Deck flagship.

Still never a fan of the vertical stats - I don't like having to turn the card to read the stats and writeup. I get the reason, the picture is well placed, and the all important fine text takes up a bunch of the bottom of the card, which again, was par for the course with 1990s Upper Deck.

There may not be any Jordan cards, but that seems to be the only name left out here. In past lots, I wouldn't see a Shaq card at all, but that's not the case here.

Shaq looks so young!

As much as I understands the use of fuzzy basketball background number 238, couldn't they use something a bit different on each such card? Put together like this, it's just nauseating.

Wouldn't be a basketball set without some sort of praise to the USA world team in some subset. In the 90s though, it was such a big deal as it was the dream team when it came to basketball.

A neat bunch, but not my thing - if it's yours...and you need any of these...just let me know, and there are others which are already in my TCDB for trade list.

Tuesday, June 21, 2022

None Yet

 For better or worse, as it stands right now, there's no 1996-97 hockey set I am building. Now, this isn't because I've already got a few built, but because I just never had any of the cards in great number to want to start, and there hasn't been a set for the year that otherwise wowed me to actively seek it out.

I mention this because we have the flagship set for Upper Deck today to look at, but only two keepers...

The good part of getting two copies of a Leaf card is that I can show the front and back in a single scan.

Schneider wasn't one of my favourite Leafs as his run almost felt like a temporary one as soon as he was brought in as Toronto tried to drive forward in the playoffs - unsuccessfully of course.

I do like the back design which is similar to the basketball release by Upper Deck. Full stats, quick highlights and a picture different from the front. The front - I don't like the way the silvering design is done.

So, for those interested, here are the ones up for trade - just let me know if you want anything...

I get the Team Canada subset inclusion, but like minor cards - does nothing for me.

Monday, June 20, 2022

A Score Sampling

A perfect example today, of why I love buying these assorted sports card lots - I get to see cards from sets I never saw, hadn't cared to know about, and see some stuff that I hadn't, as well as then having a goal of finding those cards a happy home if it isn't with me.

Today we get 1991 Score - of the football variety. 

Only a handful of cards, but enough to make some comments and observations, and do a quick dig on the set.

If you know 1991-92 Score Hockey, the front design looks very similar though a slightly different colour. The design is fine - nothing spectacular, but it works, and the photography is solid which was true of Score products at the time, and the backs again are similar to the hockey release, though the bronze coloured border stands out compared to the white border in hockey.

No big names, though I do know of Rick Gannon, but of the cards in the set - not that any are very valuable, these don't have the big names like Montana, Marino, Smith.

5 new traders I didn't have before today though!

Sunday, June 19, 2022

Pinnacle of Success

It has been a little bit since we were dealing with the lot of cards I am working through - the COVID Lot as it were, but time to head back and spend some time seeing what else was in this lot.

I think this set will end up looking pretty complete when all is said and done with going through this lot of cards.

Won't scan all of the keepers, but there are about another 100 and I am already over 50% complete on the base set. The cards are generally in order, with a few cards missing, though not necessarily the big names, so they may be somewhere else in this lot.

I may be mainly a team collector of Leafs and Jays, but I appreciate the good completion of a set, though I do find it hard at times to focus on what sets I actually want to work on.

As I say, you can see that the stars see to be here - Ranford, Roy, Sakic, so time will tell, but given the set, shouldn't be too bad trying to complete as long as I can get most of the way there.

It's also a set that I have most, but not all the Leafs for, so that shouldn't hold me back much either.

Time will tell!