Sunday, October 2, 2022

Football Fan Converts

 Today's trade recap is with TCDB member 49ants who was nice enough to offer up taking some baseball cards and converting them to Leafs, but not just any random smattering of Leafs, but we get a couple decent team sets completed here too.

Ellett, dab smack in the middle, was the last 1993-94 O Pee Chee Premier card that I needed to complete the Leaf set of 24 cards. Always a nice pick up as I can take the team cards, stick them in a nice 25 card plastic cube and add them to my completed team displays.

I would be remiss if I didn't mention the amazingly beautiful Potvin Select overhead photo - fantastic.

Middle left here, Matt Martin was the last of the 27 base Leaf cards for my team set of 1993-94 Score Canadian, another sweet complete team done.

You'll notice, the base cards are the ones finishing off some team sets, but plenty of parallels here which knock some work on those sets as well, which is always awesome too!

We end with all (except one), remaining Leaf base cards from 1996-97 Metal Universe. These scans came out about as good as I can get them, and they are definitely interesting in hand - very Black Diamond-esque.

Appreciate the very successful trade with 49ants and look forward to more opportunities to trade in the future!

Saturday, October 1, 2022

Not Quite Bazinga!

Though the TCDB name makes be think Bazinga! this trade is with member Bsiga who is located down in Florida and offered up some awesome newer Jays cards.

Not a surprise I would have plenty of needs from newer years, and always happy to get another Vladdy Jr. card in my collection. For having not bought a single one, I am up to 26 so far. The PC guy I don't PC.

Kirk has turned out decently, so a rookie card for him here is nice too, and I am always up for a new Bichette.

A quick little PWE, but a good one to start off October.

Friday, September 30, 2022

From Germany - Some Cards

 Just to keep playing catch up a bit, and because I love being able to focus on the assistance of others from trades, I have a few more days of sharing (it's caring!) to do.

Today, yet another first time trade partner from TCDB with AlexGer82 who offered a straight hockey for hockey trade.

As you can see, the bulk of the nice PWE trade is from 2000-01 Pacific. Clark and Sundin win from the bunch, and love cards with Clark on his return trip to Toronto (and was glad he got the welcome back).

As great as the cards are, the amazing part is, for an international trade to Germany, the shipping was extremely quick. We each received the cards from the other within 12 days - not bad Canada to Germany!

May not have finished any team sets, but definitely happy with the great start on the Pacific set - thank you for reaching out AlexGer82!

Thursday, September 29, 2022

To Joseph From Goseph

Another trade to share today as I continue to play catchup. This one from TCDB member Goseph, a first time trade partner, and provider of Leaf cards a plenty!

Mid 90s Bowman - definitely in need of help in my collection, and here we have a bunch of the Leaf cards in one go. Really like the blue border if I had to pick between the two.

Much better than the turquoise O Pee Chee from 2003-04. Not to be missed is a newer card with the Parkhurst Tavares from the 2019-20 Parkhurst Parkies insert set.

These are the big winners for the day as I really am loving the Parkhurst retro/throwback sets from the mid 90s which call back to the yesteryears with 1956-57 and 1966-67 years highlighted. I think there is some of these cards in the COVID lot, so really hope I can get a good start on the sets themselves, not just my Leaf team collection.

Definitely a great trade, and well packaged. Recommended trader, and hope I can do another with Goseph again in the near future!

Wednesday, September 28, 2022

In Ontario

 Hello again, and welcome to me sharing another trade with another first time trade partner on TCDB, with brady101, who happens to be located in Ottawa, which is just over the east end of the province, and actually where our family was on vacation just about a month and a half ago.

Yes, the High Liners card of the Toronto Arenas is really cool, especially for a card out of the early 90s, and the couple set adds are great, but Mironov wins for important card of the trade as he finishes off my Leaf team set for 1993-94 Upper Deck. Yup, still had needed a card from the simple base set, but there you go!

I guess it's my priorities that I find finishing the team set more exciting than getting these. I get it - Young Guns are probably the top line of hockey rookie cards and are sought over by many, and as such, generally high priced. I love to have them simply as part of my Leaf collecting, but don't go out of my way to get them. Was a nice enough offer from brady101 to send them my way, and I thank you for them, and the rest of the cards too!

Tuesday, September 27, 2022

Trades Catch Up

So, I have had a bunch of trades come through over the past week or so, and I really need to take a few days to just share some of those before going on with anything else. I don't mind such things waiting a few days or even a week, but I try not to have them last too long before sharing. I really appreciate the trades, and want to give everyone fair credit and judos, and thanks, for what came my way, so it's only fair I try and do so in a timely fashion.

Today, a trade with brooks1856, a first time trade partner on TCDB - which seems to be going through a decent amount of growth as far as members go the past couple months. Seem to have a lot of new people showing up and adding to the site, which is always great.

This trade saw me give up a few basketball cards for...

Yes - I still need plenty of Jays cards from the late 80s and early 90s. I mean, when I didn't know until recently that the 1992 Fleer set has a U.S.A. versus U.S.A (no last period) variation when looking at the "PRINTED IN" wording on the back, it just opened a whole other team set of Jays cards I needed, that I didn't know about a month ago!

99% of the time, I don't care - like with set collecting, but for Jays collecting, I'd like to have both versions of each card. Yes - I may need some help....but with people who spend the time to log their cards correctly at TCDB, that help is ever so close!

Heavy on the Alomar today. I think some player collectors of his likely have moved away considering actions after his playing career, but as a Jay - good or bad - I will collect. Hard to deny his amazing playing career though.

Big thank you for the trade, and hope we can do another in the near future!

Monday, September 26, 2022

1995-96 Leaf Limited

 Today, we have some cards from a set I have never seen in the wild. 1995-96 Leaf Limited is a very shiny and colourful set - screams high end for the mid-90s doesn't it?

A scratchy effect background which does make the cards stand out. I like the team colour matching effect, but good luck trying to read the faux signature along the side (vertical - why?),

Definitely not my type of set, I mean, the front are just over the top distracting in a not so good 90s type of way.

The backs are slightly better, but again, limited stats and no write up really hurt the overall card for me. At least the two pictures on the back are different from each other - though the head shot is from the front photo.

Did anyone ever collect this when it first came out? Just no overall appeal to me, and no Leafs today either. Still 1,000 times better than yesterday, but still no big success for my collection.