Monday, December 11, 2023

Trade With StarsFan

 Last small trade for wrap up today - this one with TCDB member StarsFan, which actually spurned another trade which we have on the go and I'll share once that one separately wraps up. This one, a small PWE.

May not seem like a bunch of cards, but does have a few Leaf team set completions in it. These include my last needs for Leafs in 1994 Classic Four Sports, 1998-99 Topps, and 1993-94 Parkhurst. Thought I might have been done the 1993-94 Parkhurst already, but wasn't the case until todays trade!

Every time I get a new MVP set card, I do remind myself I have some unopened materials from those sets so, I may already, unknowingly, have the cards. Then again, dupe Leafs will be just fine. Might be able to crack into some of those in 2024 - side note - some of the unopened boxes, I have had since 2019 or earlier. Still looking to crack my 2015-16 Upper Deck Champs hockey a glance, looks like about 4 boxes and 15 blasters which cover hockey and baseball.


Sunday, December 10, 2023

Wrestling Cards From jc645

 Another day, another trade. Jc645 sent me some wrestling cards and a few baseball for some newer baseball cards, and here is what I got...

The non-Jays are error cards for that collection, while the 1989 Jays are micro variations I still needed....almost there on the about 100 different Jays base cards from the set when you consider all the variations. Matt gets added in for newer Jays content, but this trade was really about the wrestling cards.

I love the 1985 set here from Topps. It's only 66 cards and I am now up to 40. Of courser the Hogan card, which I know I had as a child and is a long time gone, will be the expensive one to ge to finish this set. I might think about it when I get closer on the rest of the set though.

JYD always makes me think of his "Gram Them Cakes" a child, not sure why I thought it was about food...but then again, as a kid, I didn't catch on to Roddy Piper's "For Everybody" which was really supposed to be a certain other F word.....

Oh, so 80s in design and nostalgic! Love the cards and appreciate the trade...and miss the times as a kid!

Saturday, December 9, 2023

Cards From Darth

 A nice little trade today with DarthPanzer which saw some football cards turn into Blue Jays and Leafs...I love magic!

A nice variety of cards from the last 15 years or so. Darth was kind enough to throw in a couple extras with the Rios and Lind at the bottom - thank you.

Though I really like the Bichette in the middle, Halladay wins for most important as it was the second of two Jays from the 2010 Topps Peak Performers insert set.

The few Leaf additions are my first 2023-24 Upper Deck MVP cards, and that blue goes pretty swell with the Leafs, so a nice bons for the design. It also marks my 75th Auston Matthews card which isn't too shabby.

Speaking of not too shabby, the Leafs have started out well enough, though could definitely be better, so I am hoping that upside is just waiting until the later part of the season and playoffs to come out!

Friday, December 8, 2023


 Today's trade share is from SaveDaKid as I saved these cards from spending more time in his traders piles, finding a nice home in my own collection.

Early 90s Topps gold parallels are really nice cards and for the most part, quite cheap, so a nice easy pick up. I am getting close on a couple of my Jays team sets of these, and actually the 1994 Topps base set is now a done deal for my Jays from the cards picked up here.

The Big League Delgado is another nice one and done Jay insert "team" set as well.

As is the Big Fly Zone insert from 2002 Upper Deck. The trade wasn't just baseball though, had to have some hockey in here too...

I am torn on the Potvin but will count it as a Leaf card as it does have him noted as drafted by Toronto on the back - but this is getting into a bit of grey area for me where I separate minors and the bigs....I just don't want to get into collecting minor league cards, the bigs has more than enough to offer!

Thursday, December 7, 2023

Small PWE Trades

 A couple small trades to share as I continue to roll with trades - may be at about 140 for the year which will be, by far, my most which was about 100 last year.

First up, a couple cards from Arby85.

They are inserts, and I guess the one with the Dave Stieb fact could be considered a Jays card, so I had no issue taking these as Arby had a few cards they needed, so all good. These are from the match the stats game in 1992 Topps for those interested.

Let's cover a second small PWE today, this one from Kleskomaniac...

I will say, the Bowman Heritage design does a great job of flashing 1993 Bowman goodness. I do like the blue colouring though which goes nicely with the Jays cards.

We also get another 2023 Topps Jays card to help with the continued goal of getting all my base Jays.

A nice couple trades, and more to share tomorrow!

Wednesday, December 6, 2023

Philallins The Timmies

Another day, another trade with another TCDB member, and another to help with Timmies cards. THis trade with Philallins brings a PWE of Timmies....

The2022-23 cards provide the last to finish off the Superstar Showcase insert set which means the base set and 2 insert sets are done.

As for the 2023 Legends set, I just have a couple Leaf cards left to be done with that base set too, one of those being the Horton man himself, but excellent getting a few more here.

Another short, but very sweet PWE that helped fill in a couple more holes.

Tuesday, December 5, 2023

Baseball From Jaskau82

 A trade so big, it took two PWEs to get and send! SO all in about 40 cards going each way, and let's see the baseball we got...

A fairly wide variety of Jays cards coming in, including some micro variations like E** copyright variations for the Bowman cards of C versus D on the Stadium Club. Nothing that "normal" people would worry about, but that detailed collectors may nod and agree to getting.

Oh, and if they are not a Jay, they be an error binder card.

That Carlos Delgado bottom right is a 1998 SkyBox E-X card, and the multi layer card design letting the acetate leave a snazzy and clear, all in one, design, is pretty cool and feels high end.

Best card of the trade might be the 1996 Topps prospects card as it was the last of my needs for the base team set of 17 cards - yay to small victories.

I do want to bring up early 2000s Donruss Classics sets as I think these go by as underrated by many people. I haven't been able to get them in any large number, but I like the designs, and the cards really feel and look great. They may not try to cash in on old school designs, but they stay classy (pun intended) with a newer - for the time - look.

2003 Fleer Hardball kept to the "ball" name with their design. I am just happy that the width was kept the same as a normal sized card so these fit nicely in sleeves, pocket pages, etc.

2003 Upper Deck Victory cards always looked like the backs of a deck of cards with the design - and here with the green border, which doesn't add to the look. Just too much design and not enough player.

A great trade and variety, and definitely someone I hope to trade with again, which is a sentiment I have almost every single time I trade with TCDB members.