Friday, May 31, 2019

Over with

Yeah, pretty much the sentiment for this box.

The final pack is the bonus relic pack which includes 1 pointless (now) Vudu card....

One Sting Tribute card (so one per 7 packs):

Beating Booker T here in the final year or so of WCW before it was sold to Vince.

Lastly, the relic...

Unfortunately, a basic mat relic. For the life of me, I couldn't find the odds for these basic relics so I am going to guesstimate on the kinder side and call it 4 boxes (or 28 packs).

Generic mat relic, kind of blah, but I am a sucker for relics so still really like it, and Paige to boot, so first Diva related relic for my collection.

7 Packs, 65 Cards, 175 points.

1) 2016 Topps WWE Then Now Forever Blaster 2 8.0000
2) 2015-16 Upper Deck Champs Box 7.7130
3) 2016 Topps Allen & Ginter Blaster 5.1220
4) 2015-16 Upper Deck Portfolio Box 3.6067
5) 2016 Topps WWE Road To Wrestlemania Blaster 1 3.2222
6) 2017 Topps WWE Blaster 1 3.1905
7) 2015 Topps WWE Heritage Blaster 1 3.1296
8) 2017 Topps Update Baseball Blaster 3.1000
9) 2016 Topps WWE Blaster 1 3.0952
10) 2016 Topps WWE Then Now Forever Blaster 1 3.0317
11\) 2016 Topps Series 2 Baseball Blaster 2.9700
12) 2016 Topps WWE Road To Wrestlemania Blaster 2 2.8194
13 2015 Topps WWE Heritage Blaster 2 2.6923

No surprise this box ends up at the bottom of the pile. Let's change up with something different for a day tomorrow.

Thursday, May 30, 2019

Delightful Divas

The last pack is a bit of a downer, returning to all base dupes, and even an insert dupe as well.

At least it's another Charlotte rookie card I guess, if nothing else.

So the keepers...

I know the whole "Lita's thong showing" thing was something she was known for, but I don't really ever remember it being THIS bad. I mean, obviously it was, and here is the photo proof, but I can't even tell how the pants are staying on.

The other diva keeper...

It's amazing just how short Paige's main level career was before being cut short. She was just on the cusp, one of the last "Divas" but could just as nicely play into the women superstar role it morphed into.

7 Packs, 63 Cards, 143 points.

On pace I think for the worst box so far, unless the bonus pack is something unexpectedly awesome.

Wednesday, May 29, 2019


Damien Sandow probably did better for himself than his ability should have allowed. He was extremely entertaining once paired with The Miz and started studying and mimicking him. 2015 was a good point in that angle, and I guess they were going with that on the cards as well.

As you can see, the pose for both is pretty similar. Good use of the photo to push the angle (though it may well have been just by luck it turned out this way).

The Naomi base card here also better shows her look once she was called up to the main roster, rather than the NXT call up card a couple days ago.

Insert keeper...

It's a pre-New Day Big E!

We then end with the insert dupes...

The Blade Runners reunited! Way back at the start of their careers in wrestling, Ultimate Warrior and Sting were a tag team. Obviously they split and had great individual singles careers - but funny sometimes how people start out.

6 Packs, 54 Cards, 130 points.

Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Absolutely Perfect

I enjoyed most every time in Curt Hennig's career. Even the "so bad it's good" Texas Rednecks was enjoyable. He started with absolutely amazing sports vignettes showing he was perfect. Even when he came back to a surprise Royal Rumble appearance in 2002 including, I believe it was that Rumble, while in the midst of being lifted around, he spit his gum out and smacked it away in his classic style.

nWo Curt was alright as well...

The rest of the pack includes...a needed Heath insert...

I gather this was before "he got kids"...

all new base cards....

Nice to get the Undertaker card, and good effect with the smoke entrance and lighting from Wrestlemania. Also,...Trish....

Then we end with a couple dupe inserts...

Slowly getting better.

5 Packs, 45 Cards, 107 points.

Monday, May 27, 2019


The drought is over and I have some new base additions for the set.

Nice variety, though like the New Day pose, and Santino as I remember him from his career - a goofball.

I get the Demon is special and only for high level matches, but would be nice to see him 3-4 times a year - maybe a few more. The other day we got Harper, now Rowan - these two will always be better together than apart.

With all the base being new, figures a couple insert dupes...

The Miz was so awful in the promo for the Diva Search - even he knows it - check out his Photo Shoot show comments on it. It was crushingly bad.

4 Packs, 36 Cards, 81 points.

Sunday, May 26, 2019

Will this box turn around?

To cut the suspense for today...nope....

Again, all base dupes in this pack - what are the odds it will be the exact same base cards for the entire box? I hope those are odds I don't meet.

Again though, at least the inserts are still new to me.

Wow - Naomi has come a long way with her look, as well as her in ring ability. I almost forget how she started and not really being much of anything in the ring. She has done well for herself though.

Unfortunately a couple mostly forgettable stars her. Sin Cara never did anything for me, and Darren Young didn't pan out as much of a star. Solid short term lower card guys, but not much more.

Another mostly blah pack.

3 Packs, 27 Cards, 55 points.

Wow - this box is looking pretty weak...

Saturday, May 25, 2019

Base disappointment

Yeah - another one bites the dust. At least back in the late 80s and early 90s, the card collation may have been a bit all over the place, but I don't think you necessarily ran into this type of problem. Another pack, another case of all base dupes, and new inserts.

Not sure if I prefer this, or the reverse....

Great star power - and Emma - but all dupes.

This is a much better black border parallel than the last box which was Ryback I believe. The black does suit the card well give the shield black colour for Rollins.

They couldn't find a different picture for Mark Henry? This is the same one they used on his Then & Now card yesterday. The man's been in WWE forever, and you couldn't find a different one?

Still wearing that same shirt I bet...

We end with the bizarre one - revolutionary character when it began - well ahead of it's time, and played by a guy who, by his own admission, is quite the opposite.

2 Packs, 18 Cards, 40 Points.

Friday, May 24, 2019

2015 WWE Topps Heritage Blaster 2

Pretty self explanatory in the title as to what we are starting today.

The good in this one is, having already put aside an unopened relic pack, I'll be opening this one. Also - I have 33 base cards from the first box - hopefully can get half way done the base by getting through these 63 cards over the course of 7 packs.

As I do at the start of each is my scoring system...

Base card - 1 point (yes, all cards get a point)
Base card need - 3 points
Base variation card - 20 points
Insert Card bonus - points based on odds - if 1 in 4 - worth 4 points
Per Box Bonus card will be per points based on the per pack odds - if 1 in 35 boxes worth 350 points as there are 10 packs per box...should be generally fair I think....and reflect value in the "hit"

Without further ado - on to pack 1:

This doesn't bode very well as all the base cards are dupes. Collation my butt - it's like the base cards are done in one grouping - hopefully the inserts are different.

Phew! Luckily these are all new for me. The Seth Rollins is one of the 2K16 inserts of course, and Byron back when he was wrestling - glad that stopped.

As for the Mark Henry Then & Now - he went through enough phases, they could have put 5 or so on a card except space would be an issue.

Hopefully some new base show up tomorrow.

1 Pack, 8 Cards, 20 Points.

Thursday, May 23, 2019

A quick hockey surprise

A break between boxes as usual. Today a Dollarama surprise pack.

Getting into it, this is what we end up with...

I am always a little hopefully I may come across an unopened pack that I don't yet have in my collection. These two packs are the standard fare for what I find in these, and I already have both, so no luck there.

Next hope is whether I add anything specific to my collection. Definite hope there between still needing a number of cards for the 1990-91 Score American set, so might get a few from the 15 card pack. Also a chance at an insert in the Victory pack, plus I do have about 2/3 of that set, so a quiet slow build to that set is fine. Also, a chance for a Leaf or two, so let's see what we get.

1990-91 Score American

Rather than show them all, let's just look at the keepers...

Not bad to get three needs knocked off and a Leaf card out of the 15. A solid pack given I'm about 85% done the set.

2008-09 Victory

Again, I have a good portion of this set at about 2/3rds, and with the pack needed...

No! Bad Jagr! Bad! You wear Pittsburgh colours only! Okay, 2 of 6 were needs, but at least the insert is new too.

Rookie Card Pack

Almost as soon as the 1990-91 Topps card was out of the pack, it began to curl up. I find that happens some times - not even the older cardboard, but I find the late 80s early 90s O Pee Chee and Topps can get a wicked curl very easily. Gather it is sucking up a bit of moisture, but I think they may even be curled nicely before inserted into these packs, and then revert to their original curl.

All new for me except Linden

The 90s

Nice to get a Leaf card - score! Actually, also one that I needed - double score! The bottom row were all new to me as well. Actually, Larry Courville double my collection of 1996-97 Pinnacle, from one card to two~

A couple Leafs, an insert, and a couple adds to sets that are about 66% done isn't too bad a way to spent $2!

Wednesday, May 22, 2019

A quick ending

Not a lot of time today, but want to share the final pack from this blaster...

Got through all the base without a dupe which is nice.

Another insert, and of course no luck getting any Blue Jays insert - not that there are as many as say, New York Yankee inserts.

Or Giants - though love the photo, very nice, but thrown off a bit having the old photo with a not very old design.

At least we end happy with another Jays card which makes three from the box. Not great, but not bad - about par for the course.

9 Packs, 90 cards, 279 points.

2019 Boxes/Blasters:
1) 2016 Topps WWE Then Now Forever Blaster 2 8.0000
2) 2015-16 Upper Deck Champs Box 7.7130
3) 2016 Topps Allen & Ginter Blaster 5.1220
4) 2015-16 Upper Deck Portfolio Box 3.6067
5) 2016 Topps WWE Road To Wrestlemania Blaster 1 3.2222
6) 2017 Topps WWE Blaster 1 3.1905
7) 2015 Topps WWE Heritage Blaster 1 3.1296
8) 2017 Topps Update Baseball Blaster 3.1000
9) 2016 Topps WWE Blaster 1 3.0952
10) 2016 Topps WWE Then Now Forever Blaster 1 3.0317
11\) 2016 Topps Series 2 Baseball Blaster 2.9700
12) 2016 Topps WWE Road To Wrestlemania Blaster 2 2.8194

Not too bad for what it is for the box. Something different, though not sure what quite yet, for tomorrow and then another blaster box for sharing.

One last share for today - another quick ending as I had a quick PWE trade with a new trade partner at TCDB in sportsfanatic244281...

Stroman here isn't your ordinary version, but actually from the Toronto Blue Jays team set. As for the 2019 Jays, a couple more new to me Jays to more along that team set too.

The other part of the trade comes from...

1990 Classic WWF wrestling cards. These come from my favourite part of the set as well, the poster-esque bio pics and write ups which start the set.

A great little trade that is quite enjoyable.

Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Judge number three

A quick pack today, as nothing too much to highlight here.

I guess I was wrong the other day in saying there were three cards of Judge in the base set since he makes a cameo in the dynasty card here dead centre.

Very recent MVP Award Winner, and in dominating fashion too.

We end with the green and yellow of the 1972 A's World Series 7 game win.

A decent pack, and one to go.

8 Packs, 80 cards, 247 points.

Monday, May 20, 2019

Dab it up

I had completely forgotten that this card was in the set...

Back when the set was new, I think I saw the card a couple times and thought is was a nice "different" card - though would be horribly dated. Well, about 2 years later and both players are no longer with Toronto and the whole dabbing thing has come and The Floss still a thing people care about?

Still - happy to get the card, and like the red alternate uniforms.

The rest of the base...

Altuve is a nice pull with his All Star Game card.


A nice All Rookie Cup card - Topps recreating the front of the rookie card, and putting a different back on it (including the word REPRINT to ensure no one gets fooled without being a fool I guess.

7 Packs, 70 cards, 225 points.