Sunday, May 26, 2019

Will this box turn around?

To cut the suspense for today...nope....

Again, all base dupes in this pack - what are the odds it will be the exact same base cards for the entire box? I hope those are odds I don't meet.

Again though, at least the inserts are still new to me.

Wow - Naomi has come a long way with her look, as well as her in ring ability. I almost forget how she started and not really being much of anything in the ring. She has done well for herself though.

Unfortunately a couple mostly forgettable stars her. Sin Cara never did anything for me, and Darren Young didn't pan out as much of a star. Solid short term lower card guys, but not much more.

Another mostly blah pack.

3 Packs, 27 Cards, 55 points.

Wow - this box is looking pretty weak...


  1. Ultimate Warrior! That's a cool card. By the way, I received the two PWE's. I'll probably bust it on my day off tomorrow, but not sure I'll have a post up until next weekend. Thanks in advance though!

  2. Ultimate Warrior is a nice card to see.
    I won't say the other thing on my mind lol