Thursday, February 28, 2019

End of Feb means - almost baseball

What better time to break from the wrestling blasters and have some random baseball today, and a baseball blaster starting tomorrow.

If you recall, I have some of these on hand...

So let's go through another today.

Like any of these packs, I hope for a Jays card - doesn't have to be new to me, just one. This one delivered...

I also look to at least get half "new to me" cards...also delivered there...

I really like the credit card look that 1995 Studio used. It is a set, I have I think two cards of, but may want to actually chase after just because the cards are so darn nice.

Other than that, some 1992-1994 cards which actually fit into needs. These are years that, once I finish up a bit more on the earlier 90s and late 80s sets of my childhood, I might pick a few from this time period to work on.

No surprises on these being dupes - all sets I am done or very close or (or minors as far as ProCards go, which isn't my thing.

Luckily, the last dupe I already had as well - because it was a bit too dinged to trade and will become packaging material.

On a completely separate note - now that the 2016 WWE Topps box is done (at least one of the two I got), I wanted to look at the cards from this set I got from DantheMan. I didn't bother with these yet because I wanted the first box to be a surprise in getting the cards, and seeing them in hand for the first time.

With that done - we can go through what was provided and see if we have a complete base set, or close to it.

These are all the new base cards, which brings me all the way up to 97 of 100. I think I was meant to get the full base set, because also included were these...

The are bronze parallels, and if they were base - boom, would have been done with the 3 women cards here. Still more than happy, and since I have a blaster box still to open later, may just finish this one off myself!

Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Pure Bliss

It may not be her rookie card per se...

but that doesn't really matter to me,. Of the current Women's roster, Alexa is definitely number one for me. Again, not a player collection type person, but if I was, she would be one for the women's division.

I have heard rumors that Sheamus has been suffering from various injuries which are supposed to be shortening his career (not sure true or not), but would be a shame. He has ended up with a pretty solid career in WWE - and a good friendship with Triple H. I think when his in ring career is done, he will be one of those guys training around NXT and the performance centre.

George the Animal Steele was one I remember scaring me as a kid. Not sure why, but think it had to do with the fact, the man looked like he was wearing a shirt when he was shirtless due to all his body hair.

I did at one point have a "Mine" doll if anyone else remembers those.

We end the box on a high note - a second 1 in 6 insert of The Rock Tribute, so this blaster punched above average on those odds at least.

The "This Is Your Life" segment with The Rock and Mankind was the highest rated segment to the show, and on of the highest of all time - I think the rating was about an 8.35 which was top 10 ever in WWE if I am not mistaken. For reference, current ratings don't even hit 5 anymore.

A great comedy segment that is blissful to remember.

9 pack, 63 cards, 195 points. So an average of 3.0952 which...updating the list...

1) 2015-16 Upper Deck Portfolio Box 3.6067
2) 2016 Topps WWE Road To Wrestlemania Blaster 1 3.2222
3) 2015 Topps WWE Heritage Blaster 1 3.1296
4) 2016 Topps WWE Blaster 1 3.0952
5) 2016 Topps WWE Then Now Forever Blaster 1 3.0317

Listia wins seem to be something I just tack on to the end of posts. I won't remember to save them all for one, and easier to share as they come up, but don't always have a rhyme of reason to tie them up.

That said, here are some more to end today...

These were all individual card auctions, and IO knew I didn't have 4 of each, but actually worked out that these were all new for me.

This was the second copy - so still good on winning it as well. Interesting use of the untap for abilities.

Lastly, a new for me French version of this one. I will collect English and French baseball or hockey cards, but only collect English Magic cards...not sure I have a specific reason, though not that I need one.

Tuesday, February 26, 2019

The Pre-Diva

Well - actually, we can talk about two....

Alundra Blayze was ahead of her time as far as characters, and push, go. She would fit decently into the women's wrestling currently. A shame she didn't get the opportunity back in the day, but it was ahead of the time, though I remember some of her battles with Bull Nakano.

The other woman ahead of her time - Miss Elizabeth. The way she carried herself of such a lady, I know some say she was the first diva, but I'd say she was even too good for the term diva, but can understand the sentiment.

Nice - like the bronze parallels, even of Virgil.

I hope Dana gets a chance to improve and into good programs with the likes of Sasha, Charlotte, Bayley, etc - I think she could surprise well if given the chance.

8 pack, 56 cards, 171 points.

Might as well end with more recent divas from the diva era...

A couple Listia wins with Aksana, who never had much chance to make it, and one of the diva era top divas, like it or not, Nikki.

Needs are needs and these be needs.

Monday, February 25, 2019

The bunny gets a card....

Since we are looking at wrestling cards, sometimes the wrestlers are one-offs, they just don't last long. I get it, but I can't believe the bunny gets a card...

Any mascot card collectors out there...because you may want to add this one to your want list. I know, not really a mascot per say - though he kind of was for Adam Rose...

Oh, and interesting that Edge and Lita cards came out of the pack side by side on this one two...Matt wouldn't approve...might want to delete Edge over that one...

End of the pack is a nice shot of the Wyatt Family. Braun started as such a quiet big monster and has progressed so far. Not sure I would have pegged him for the success he has been able to have now, but it really started to snowball once he separated from the Wyatt's

7 pack, 49 cards, 150 points.

Sunday, February 24, 2019


Man - every time I see the butterfly belt...ugh...glad it is gone. Some belt designs age well and have their place...I never liked that one...

Sweet - just got the Michaels base card the other day, now the bronze parallel...woohoo.

Then we finish with someone who deserves more credit than he gets - heck, he stuck around for a long career, all in the WWE.

6 pack, 42 cards, 129 points.

Saturday, February 23, 2019

Pleasing Corey Graves

Corey Graves will enjoy this post...

He does love him some Mandy Rose. Nice to get her rookie card here, though plainest of plain as far as the card goes. I can understand Corey's obsession at least.

Nice to see Virgil actually made it into more than one set as a legend....and following the Million Dollar Man appropriate.

We end with another Bryan - probably the biggest star of the 2010s from an "in wrestling" standpoint. Cena has him beat on the crossover aspect, but probably not on having the crowd behind him when wrestling.

5 pack, 35 cards, 108 points.

Today, will finish with a lot of Jays cards I won on Listia. It was a while ago, but the seller was delayed in sending. The plus side is, she said she would send a few extras (and did). The downside was, I didn't hear anything until about 6 weeks after it was over and I contacted her first. Regardless, at least I got the cards I wanted, as well as a few as bonus...

This was the original lot, I was after for obvious reasons. None are new to me, but the price was decent, so a good add for that million Jays goal I will never reach.

The adds were similar era base cards. Nothing here that really fits for me, but none were dupes, so nice there.

The last add will fit the collection as this will be a nice error card add with the slight misprint on the back with it a bit off the card, so works for me.

A nice collection of late 70s cards.

Friday, February 22, 2019

The Million Dollar Question

Yes - the Million Dollar man always had the million dollar question, what's your price - because everyone had one. Ted DiBiase was someone most casual fans of the time will remember though - Danny Davis - not so much.

I was a kid at the time, so didn't really read into anything behind the scenes, but he legitimately came off as a referee who ended up become a wrestler. I don't remember it too well, but that was because he wasn't really that great that I recall, and never went above a low mid-card position.

It's a Dibiase hot pack! The cards were actually back to back too.

Still deserved better than ripping up his shoulder in his first main roster match against John Cena....

Still deserved to be the many to try and rip John Cena apart at SummerSlam a couple years ago...2014 I believe.

4 pack, 28 cards, 87 points.

On a separate note, my ids were enamored with a Pokemon card and both wanted on the other day, so I took a look and it was all of a quarter at 401games. So I placed an order, may have added a few cards for myself, and here we are...

I picked up some newer set artifacts that are all new to me - including a nice big baddie 8/8, though not that practical given the ability.

Also thought I would add some newer, shiny versions of cards I otherwise have like the Glider and Patchwork Gnomes.

Bit by bit, adding to the collection. I am actually also trying to finally add wants in artifacts on TCDB, though not sure there are many on there than collect/trade Magic - at least not yet.

Thursday, February 21, 2019

If ya smell....

A surprise package! What did you think I was going to say? After a couple messages back and forth, PapaG321 at TCDB was nice enough to send over a PWE with some Magic Artifact cards over for future considerations (which, as I am into busy season, will probably be pulled this coming weekend - I end up slowing down on being able to send things, by a few days, nothing more, from February through April.

A great variety of cards, and about half were completely new to me, but all are keepers (again, I keep four of each as that is what you can play with).

He also sent along this...

I wanted to see it in hand to decide whether it should be considered an artifact card or not for my collection. Bottom line - I don't think it cuts the mustard. Like the Eldrazi cards, even Wizards of the Coast don't list them in the same section of the sets, but separate, so that gives me enough to consider them separate. Still nice to get one in hand to decide, and grateful all around for the package.

Oh year...wrestling cards...

We start this pack with the Swiss Superman Cesaro, but highlight is my favourite is my favourite wrestler of the last decade - The Miz. Would have preferred an action pose, or maybe a full get up entrance shot.

The B Plus, I thought that term for Bryan was great...a good backhanded compliment.

Already gone from the WWE...poor Gotch.

This is what I was smellin' - the first Rock Tribute card. This commemorates his title win at King of the Ring 2000 - part of a tag team match where the person who scored the pinfall, won the title. Haven't been many matches like that...before or since.

3 pack, 21 cards, 66 points.