Thursday, February 28, 2019

End of Feb means - almost baseball

What better time to break from the wrestling blasters and have some random baseball today, and a baseball blaster starting tomorrow.

If you recall, I have some of these on hand...

So let's go through another today.

Like any of these packs, I hope for a Jays card - doesn't have to be new to me, just one. This one delivered...

I also look to at least get half "new to me" cards...also delivered there...

I really like the credit card look that 1995 Studio used. It is a set, I have I think two cards of, but may want to actually chase after just because the cards are so darn nice.

Other than that, some 1992-1994 cards which actually fit into needs. These are years that, once I finish up a bit more on the earlier 90s and late 80s sets of my childhood, I might pick a few from this time period to work on.

No surprises on these being dupes - all sets I am done or very close or (or minors as far as ProCards go, which isn't my thing.

Luckily, the last dupe I already had as well - because it was a bit too dinged to trade and will become packaging material.

On a completely separate note - now that the 2016 WWE Topps box is done (at least one of the two I got), I wanted to look at the cards from this set I got from DantheMan. I didn't bother with these yet because I wanted the first box to be a surprise in getting the cards, and seeing them in hand for the first time.

With that done - we can go through what was provided and see if we have a complete base set, or close to it.

These are all the new base cards, which brings me all the way up to 97 of 100. I think I was meant to get the full base set, because also included were these...

The are bronze parallels, and if they were base - boom, would have been done with the 3 women cards here. Still more than happy, and since I have a blaster box still to open later, may just finish this one off myself!


  1. That Kamala was a strange dude back in the day as I recall.

  2. A lot of those cards might have been junk wax products... but they're far from junk. There were a ton of great action shots within your box.

    1. Yeah - I'm not a fan of the junk wax name for the period, but I get why it's called that. there were a lot of quality cards produced then - just in abundance.