Wednesday, February 13, 2019

You can look

but you can't touch. There are the Bellas - just, being there as usual. When they first started, they looked more alike (or at least that seemed to be the case). Now I find they are easily told apart - Brie on the left, Nikki on the right). For my two cents, I like Brie a bit more than Nikki, but that's also coming from watching Total Divas too much....not that I am....uh....admitting.....anyway....

Doesn't get much bigger than Brock. Also have to remember though - Dolph was almost the World Cup of wrestling winner last November...too bad he got McMahon'd...

Happy Rusev Day!

As for the inserts....

A couple stars that have come a long way. Big Show who has developed into a very good gatekeeper of sorts and a great behind the scenes guy for WWE regarding appearances and charity work.

Xavier Woods luckily found himself in New Day after the scholarly route seemed to be going absolutely nowhere on the main roster.

4 packs, 36 cards, 112 points.

Been a couple weeks again, so why not another part of the DantheMan. Today we have a bunch of 2014 Topps WWE Road to Wrestlemania cards. The is another set, I have absolutely none of going in to this, so let's see what I cover with the base (and couple inserts that were also sent).

Hard to tell in the scans, but the last four cards are parallels - the Roddy Piper card is a black parallel (only the name changes from the silver foil), while the other three are ble (again, just the name in foil is blue).

A nice bunch of cards from the set, giving a good start.