Saturday, February 16, 2019

4 Packs and a hit

A break between boxes, another Target pick up from last August to finally open today...

In Canada, these things can be up to $20 CDN, so I don't usually bother, but even with the exchange, they are a few bucks cheaper in the US, so I figured, why not?

So, with the four packs, I get two more adds to the unopened pack collection - both 2017-18 packs, go figure. I have opened a Victory 2007-08 pack before, but never a Pinnacle Mint, but we will do both, the next couple days, because I want to end on the autograph, and I doubt either of those packs will top a hit...

As for the autograph...

Almost a Toronto Maple Leaf card, but not quite. Keith started with Toronto playing about half the games over a couple seasons before being move to Tampa Bay as shown here.

Even though it is a sticker auto and not SN, it is still a pretty nice card. The back could be a bit better, but all in,I am pretty happy with this one, and the box in general, and that is before opening the couple packs.

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