Thursday, April 30, 2020

The end and the beginning

Yay, last day of April, except it doesn't mean as much since deadlines have been extended. Totally understand the reasoning, and it makes sense, but it does mean busier times still ahead. In some ways I rather have a crazy April and be done instead of a very busy April and very busy May, but so be it.

Anyway, a quick pick of cards from those Jeff Scott gave me...2008-09 Upper Deck Victory.

This is a set I am collecting, so let's see what I have for additions here...

A little less than half the cards are adds, but happily a few of the high numbered rookie cards. Of the rookies, Theo ended up with the most NHL experience being in about 160 games over 6 seasons, all with Edmonton.

The cards I will look to find a home for...

Solid cards that I just happen to already have, and that at times look a bit too similar, like Morrow and White - just not too varied for poses.

Anyway, see you all on the other side...well, what use to be the other side and the best day of the year - May 1st...

Wednesday, April 29, 2020

Well, almost made it 4 months

One of my resolutions at the start of the year was to not buy any new cards. Well, I lasted almost 4 months as there was a sale on at 401games (okay, it was just before everything came down virus wise - so three plus a little bit months...).

I am a sucker for the "Un" sets, which are the joke sets which have been put out by Wizards of the Coast. So, officially made, but not really for play per se, though some can be.

Since the Un sets were on sale, I just had to pick up some missing cards from my artifact collection.

The first bunch are the older sets (well a few from older sets) and the more recent Unstable set.

I enjoy Urza's Contact Lenses as it is a great reminder of the Clapper (clap on, clap off, the clapper! *clap* *clap*).

The contraptions from the Unstable set are an interesting twist, but I don't think they went over well, so don't expect to see them again.

I do however really love the Gnome token - so darn cute!

The last bunch are some foil versions of Unstable cards. I didn't have any yet, so picked up some of the cheaper ones, even more cheaply with the sale.

I still don't plan on letting the flood gates out on spending this year, especially given the year we had so far. Back to no money spent we go!

Tuesday, April 28, 2020

Let's Go Blue Jays

Let's work in reverse from yesterday in going through the Jays, first up, the team set completers...

Sure, some of them are single card team sets, like the bottom row, but it still works for me. I really like the Stroman National Card Day front - great colour matching for the team with the design, and not overbearing.

The Gypsy Queen green is a little over the top and detracting - would work well for the A's.

As for the rest of the Jays...

The sticker is from the 1988 Panini Stickers, which was the first sticker set I really collected, and many, I got a lot of them. I don't know where they went over the years, but they all left my possession at some point and now, back to re-collecting them.

Some big swatter love here too with Delgado and Carter. The Topps Laser is an interesting die cut design with the bottom, and even the baseball up the top right being cut out parts. Definitely different.

The Swing Man swirl is a little unsettling (see nauseating) and the Diamond King Joe is a bit off in the colouring, but not my thing...but still a Diamond King.

Speaking of Delgado, not only do we get more of him here, that centre card is the first metal card I actually have. Okay, not 100% sure as I haven;t looked it up, but the material definitely feels like it is metal. Very different, and very cool.

More Delgado - and an SP Authentic design that they could use for all Blue Jays cards forever - maybe jst a small change to the blue tint, and it would be perfect.

Not too long ago I got the Wells 50 card (mid-left), so I at least knew what I was getting here with it and the McGriff.

Moving to more recent cards, we get into the last decade or so and some Topps cards (and Bowman), that were needs. The Bowman parallel Bautista with the home country flag design isn't a bad way to do a parallel set, and a nice change from a simple border colour change.

Bautista and the flagship and Chrome designs show exactly how the two differ - which isn't too much. Also, as much as I generally like the Allen & Ginter as well as Gypsy Queen designs, I have many many needs from those sets, but here there are a few out of the way.

Moving into some Donruss sets which, though unlicensed, do a good job representing the older designs from when Donruss was licensed.

Some more heritage adds, but the show stealers here are the blue Bautista for the great look, and the short print Guerrero as it looks so nice in hand, and is a great shot of the big slugger.

Finishing off the day with some newer cards and though I am not a big fan of the Fire sets thus far, at least they are definitely different from the standard fare cards. Also get to add a few 2020 cards which is always good as I don't think I even have many on my want list yet, just because I haven't gotten around to it yet.

As always, another big thanks for the cards, and, as always - check out - I can vouch that it is run by a great guy!

Monday, April 27, 2020

baseballcardstore...or hockey?

It has taken me a while to get to sharing this package from due to busy season, and everything else that's been going on.

Enough cards in the package that I am going to split it by sport, and here, we get to go through the hockey cards!

Well, if I am going to get a Bowman card out of 1990-91, I'll go for an error back on Wendel Clark any day! A nice one for the error binder indeed.

These may not be new sets, but definitely missing cards from my collection until now. Still really like and appreciate the solid, subtle difference on the 90s Parkhurst cards of the emerald green foil logo.

Tagging along are some base 1997-98 DOnruss because, I do have a complete set, but still need some extra Leafs for the Leaf collection...well, now a few less!

Here we have, not only my first 2003-04 Bowman hockey cards, but these two - Antropov and Sundin - are gold parallels, and are as thick as memorabilia cards. I believe that was done in a few different sets around that time as a way to "trick" pack searchers as it made the packs feel more similar.

A couple SPx cards in the middle with differing types of shine. I know, Darcy is an Avalanche here, but the unio is correct, so counts for me.

We also get some newer cards including a bunch of Fleer Showcase, which are the first, second, third, fourth, and fifth card of that set for my collection. Love the Fuhr card of the bunch with the great shot head on of the goaltender.

We end with Borgman who played a single season (well 48 games) in the 2017-18 season for the Leafs. The retro design is a good touch.

As great as these are, there were a few different team sets completed with the cards sent my way as well.

A nice variety, and sure the Marois is a one card team set, but that's just as good!

The Skybox cards seem a little bit off in quality, just not as sharp a picture as some of the other sets of the time. Maybe it is just me...but I can look at them in detail not to figure that out!

A great bunch of Leafs, and much appreciated as always. Tomorrow, we can go through the Jays!

Sunday, April 26, 2020

Catching up on a couple trades

No surprise with that title, exactly as it states, I have a couple small trades I need to share because, well, that's what I do!

First up a trade with Gregory_kyle of the PWE variety.

The trade was for only three cards, but the Berezin was a nice additional card sent my way - and was another need to, so a nice bunch of Leafs. The Sundin McD Pinnacle card also completes the 4 Leaf team set out of that one, so added bonus there as well in all the shifty 3D-ness.

Next trade was first time trade partner, MasterOfPuppets

These are some set needs. Actually the Parkhurst are because I have auto versions and wanted to ensure I got a clean base card for when I do really work on the set. The McD cards bring to be a single missing card on the set.

The rest of the PWE was a bunch of nice Leafs including some sharp SP Authentics Awesome!

Lastly, not so much a trade, but a gift bestowed from an angel. An angel in the outfield who wanted to help me move a couple sets closer to completion.

A couple 1986 Topps Traded cards, though I still need a couple of the stars like Canseco and Bonds.

The Leaf set from 1987 is now down to a single card needed....wait....not quite...I had a couple Donruss cards in there by mistake...still, only a few left. Still a few dupes I need for the Jays team set and for a dupe of the Diamond Kings I like so much, but almost knocked off the rest of the set needs in one go!

Saturday, April 25, 2020

2007-08 O Pee Chee Hockey

Going through the cards from Jeff Scott, I have sorted through the hockey cards to at least pull together sets that have a number of cards so I can look and see who I know working on the set and what I can send their way.

Today - as per the title, we have 2007-08 O Pee Chee hockey.

I have a number of the Leafs from the set, but not much else, so this isn't a set I am collecting. Good news as far as trying to pass a good chunk on to someone else.

The set isn't my favourite design as the border is overwhelming and doesn't do much for a Leaf card. Probably looks pretty nice with Penguins though.

Yeah - I'd say that Fleury card is pretty good with the design. Design still takes too much of the card with thick border, but at least it is different I guess.

Oh, and did you notice the set is O Pee Chee? Biggest font on the card, and it is the set name.

Not sure if it was done on purpose, but with the goalie poses, the pictures seem to do a better job of using that middle border bulge on the sides with the goalie stances.

I haven't gone through card by card, but I know a few people looking for cards from the set - so hopefully that will provide homes for most of these, but none will be staying in my collection.

Friday, April 24, 2020

Not quite a team set

So, a stocking stuffer from Christmas to share today:

So this pack is the official team set for Toronto of 2018-169 Parkhurst. The good for me is, these are all new for the collection. The downside is, this isn't really a full team set for the release. It is every base card for each team player getting a card, but missing are:

Checklist card 220 with Matthews on it
All Star card 313 with Matthews on it and
the two rookie cards 347 and 373 (Dermott and Johnsson)

Still, plenty of good in adding these 10 cards even though, for the price I am sure Santa would have had to pay if purchased in store, could have been better to pay postage and trade for these.

The design itself is clean, and with the white border to boot, but with the cose ups in all cases, I find the white uniform Leafs a bit too white overall in the card.

I'd prefer more of a wider action shot as you get with the flagship Upper Deck set and others, but a decent design otherwise and alright overall.

A great start to the actual team set, just wish they wouldn't call it a complete set when there are other base cards to collect for a team.

The thoughts from others? I think the fact the package lists the cards included helps the case tremendously (so I am not really upset in this case), but to be a team set, I would expect all base cards not counting variations.

Thursday, April 23, 2020

Let's check some football

First, a quick update on yesterday. I was able to just pull aside all but 4 of the cards for sending off to other people (whether they want them or not).

Today, let's take a look at the football cards and see if it will be just as easy.

Just the one card pre-2000 of the small group of football cards.

These are from a set I have seen before as I ended up with probably about 50 of these cards going through the Santa Lot I picked up a few years ago.

The Prestige set always pull off a fancy look in exchange for showing lots of white space. Not my cup of tea really but I can see the appeal for others.

Goodwin Champions are always an interesting set because of the range of different stars and sports involved.

These cards scan very nicely and are quite shiny in hand. Again, would prefer more action shot, but can't have everything. The names on the side may be better if they were fully on the card instead of just partially written.

As I say...another Prestige set and more white border. At least there is a lot less than the last, but it seems to be the set style.

We end the football cards with some 2018 Panini Score. Again, lots of white border in the base design, but the inserts are a good variety of design and a bit more colourful though still all feel very classically Score.

Not a bad little bunch of cards. Now to find a home for as many as I can!