Friday, April 17, 2020

Exploring The Franchise

There we go! Here is the first longer odd insert cards. These fall every 24 packs, so probably the only one I am going to see in the 33 packs, but they are pretty nice as I don't mind the duo here, a good pair for the Sharks. Besides - you have to love the Burns beard.

P.K., thank you for leaving Montreal. This gave me reason to go ahead and like you. I'd say he was always a great person and talented, but as a Leaf fan, it was still hard to allow myself to like him until he became a Predator.

We end with another new Highly Decorated insert card.

A step up I'd say, even if there were a couple dupes.

21 Packs, 63 Cards, 232 Points.


  1. That Burns and Karlsson insert is sweet! Someone emailed me a few weeks ago trying to trade me that card. He said they were pretty rare and sells for decent money on eBay.

    1. Didn't look until your comment, but they seem to go for a few bucks - they are nice cards, and decent odds.