Tuesday, April 7, 2020

Then there were four

The good thing about a 15 card set and having about 100 cards to potentially complete it in, is that you make progress fairly quickly. Here are the three packs for today.

First pack and we get 4 new cards including the great one and Stevie Y. The full gold tint goes well for what these are, and I am glad that they have both with proper uniforms...okay really more a comment on Gretzky.

Was wondering if I'd have any packs with this problem, just because, but the corners on this pack were a little crumpled. Luckily, I guess, just one new card with Kane. May be able to get another here that is better conditioned I hope, but it isn't so bad that I would be devastated.

The dupes at least start to fill out a second set...and another Couture....might end up with 10 of him at this rate.

Yay, there we have Sid The Kid. Short of there being a Leaf or two in this set, this is the defacto card I wouldn't mind getting dupes of because, well, it's Sid. Though Gretzky is pretty cool too of course.

4 Pack, 20 Cards, 38 Points.