Wednesday, April 1, 2020


Celebrating is always fun. Whether it be a great moment in sport, a birthday or any kind of special event.

When we talk about sports, it's always nice to celebrate accomplishments. For some, that may mean a hall of fame career, while for others, it's just making it into the majors for a game or two to begin with.

Today, I figure was a good day to celebrate a few things, all at once.

First, as I mention, a birthday.

Here's a man celebrating a birthday today - as proof right on the back of the card.

What else can we celebrate about this man? Well, how about finally, after years of toiling away in lesser markets, making it to the big league by playing for the Jays.

Talk about dedication. Wanting to ensure he had enough experience under his belt before making it to the Jays, the man spent years....nay....decades honing his craft in lesser markets (I am looking specifically at you Atlanta, New York and Cleveland) before deciding he was finally ready and good enough to play for the Toronto Blue Jays.

Dedication like that can only be celebrated as we don't see it much these days,

Unfortunately, likely due to the over excitement of finally making it to the team he always wanted to play for, Phil was able to get through 12 innings over three starts with two losses to his name in a Blue Jays uniform.

Likely due to the devastation of working so hard to make the ultimate goal of playing for the Blue Jays only to come up short, he relegated himself back to Atlanta briefly before calling it a career.

It's worth celebrating these unsung heroes who - for all the effort, may only make it for a cup of coffee in the spotlight that is Toronto. With all the effort and dedication that goes into reaching that goal, even if reached for a brief moment, it should be celebrated.

If only there were a place where someone could be enshrined for such dedication.

Happy April 1st to everyone, and to you to Phil.


  1. what a chuckle! You do live in your own special world, eh Joe? have a great 4/1!

    1. Chuckles are the currency in my special world!

  2. It's a shame Toronto hasn't retired his number yet...

  3. OMG, how cool is it that I bought a special version of that card for less than $100. Check it out:

  4. It takes a special player to wear the Blue, sometimes 300 wins aren't enough!

  5. Rumor has it he's signing a one day contract, so he can retire with the Jays as soon as the MLB season kicks off.