Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Dodgercards box completed

It's been a fun month going through this box and sending out thanks to dodgercards for all the Jays cards - last ones up for today!

Okay Carlos, not exactly a great look for a card photo to have the additional face covering because it's cold. Not a great look indeed...

There are penty of 1997 cards, including more Score Preferred Stock, of which I had none before this box and not I have a good half dozen. The PS logo is a little oversized and detracts from the photos, but since they are no different from the regular score set, it doesn't feel like much is missing.

Some nice Fleer Tradition love. This was a mixture of trying to be heritage and archives before those sets really became a thing. The Phelps and Halladay probably would look a lot nicer with better background work than the couple colour background - maybe something real but with a vintage hue put on it or something.

Oh Upper Deck 40 Man sets, how I never knew about you at the time. Even in getting cards to these sets now in the past couple years, I can't say I am a fan of the designs I have seen. This one, too much border and over done on the 40 Man logo. At least the blue complements, but the name outline doesn't do anything for me.

We end with some 2010 Upper Deck, including a Halladay checklist card and a beautiful SkyDome / Rogers Centre picture.

With that, we have gone through the whole box and my Jays collection is 1,155 Jays stronger - simply amazing.

Tomorrow, we move on to something different - well, something not from the dodgercards box.

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  1. That Fleer Tradition Carlos Delgado is giving off this 1976 Hostess vibe.