Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Halladay Highlights

So, a week or so left in the month, and each day we continue to go through some more cards from the dodgercards box. For those that haven't gone back to the 1st of the month, this box came about because the TCDB member was looking to downsize his collection and parted with most other teams in team lots to first come first serve. I picked the Jays of course, and there you have it.

I put together a box of my dupe Dodgers as well as some Magic cards as it was something he collects kinda sorta as well, so hopefully those are worthwhile as well.

As for today, let's get started.

Circa sets are something I never knew existed until the last couple years - never hear d of them in the 90s, actually same with the Donruss Signature Series. Then again, I was still very much a kid and not totally focused on the collecting of cards as much as enjoying just what I had. Wasn't aware of sets outside of the flagship sets for each manufacturer really. This Signature card is my first, and a Halladay rookie is a solid add there.

The next bunch add a couple more later Jays days Halladays, and you know what I noticed which would be an interesting exercise. Halladay's weight on his rookie card was 205, and here, it is 225.

It would be interesting to see how accurate the weights are - do card companies check every year? Do they just update when they are told? Do they inquire when it is obvious? I know the team has that information out there, but how often does the team actually up date it.

Would be a couple players which would be interesting to check over the years and brands. Maybe a post for another time.

We end with another Halladay in Icon form as well as some Extra Edition rookies. SO how did those rookies fair?

Shane - didn't make the majors, but all around A, AA, AAA ball, foreign leagues - pretty much everywhere.

Dwight - Made the Jays for about 50 games between 2017 and 2018 before getting about 100 games in with Baltimore in 2019.

Casey - made it to the bogs with Toronto in 2017 before quickly heading to Seattle.

So, mixed success there. This is where I feel a bit meh on these as the Shane card doesn't really belong in the collection because he never made the bigs, even though this is a "Toronto" card. A discussion for a later refining of the collection I guess.


  1. It's always fun to look up prospects a few years after acquiring their card to see how successful they've been.

    1. It is interesting to see who panned out and who didn't.