Thursday, March 19, 2020

The Total Package

The dodgercards box pile for today is highlighted by some Total cards (not the total package Lex Luger - sorry). I can say that, before getting back into collecting 5-6 years ago, I don't think I had ever owned a Topps Total baseball card. Trades have changed that, but I still don't have too many.

Today, a bunch of Jays as usual, but highlighting this, well, some Topps Total as you will see.

A whole bunch of the usual suspects when talking "junk" era.  Still always enjoy the Franchise subset from 1991 Score as shown here with John Olerud.

Of the group, the close but not quite award goes to the 1991 Topps Mark Whiten. I didn't know about it, but found out not too long ago that there is a version of the card where his hand on the left side actually goes over and outside the border. Apparently that is a rare error and copies go for big dollars if you check ebay. What seems such a minor error, interesting on the prices being so high (over $100).

Here we get into some new to the collection cards with some solid 1996 Fleer. Very Stadium Club-esque .Also the 1996 Stadium Club is surprise there. Sandy didn't play a whole lot with the Jays over three seasons, but it was the majority of his games in the majors.

Here are the, all new to me, Topps Total cards. The design is decent and a bit too white overall, though may be in part due to the background choice. The card stock itself is very heritage like which is my favourite (one of the reasons I like O Pee Chee as well - just the classic cardboard solid stock).

Given Brandon League was with the Jays for 6 years, I don't have much in the way of specific memories of his play. That said, late 00s Jays were good but never good enough to make the playoffs when they had decent records.


  1. That 1991 Score Tony Fernandez caught my eye. Was he playing 3rd that day? Or was he just covering 3rd on that play? And I hadn't heard about that Whiten variation. I can't even begin to tell you how much 1991 Topps has passed through my collection at one point or another. I wonder if that Whiten ever did without me knowing about it. Probably not... but even if it did, I'll never know ;)

    1. Don't think he had any starts at 3rd in 1990 for the photo. Yeah, I am hoping because I collect Jays I didn't have the Whiten pass through my hands...

  2. It is an ever so subtle difference that , without knowing it has passed un-noticed through quite a few hands for sure, there are actually a lot of these types of oops slip variant type cards from the 80's and especially 90's, draw up a set on TCDB and look at the errors and variations list for example 1991 Fleer BB and you will see there are many.90-91 Pro Set hockey wasn't the only one in Card town pulling that lol