Tuesday, March 3, 2020

Getting Shaggy with some Odd SN Ends

The next group of cards from dodgercards at TCDB is a quick smattering of a few different items.

I am sure there will be a lot of base cards from sets I have that will mean more Jays for the collection, but not "new", but most of these have purpose regardless.

The Dave Stieb rookie card is my second and useful as, I only need one other card for the team set, and because I have one up on my wall in a little plaque, so the second for the team set is ideal.

The 1987 Donruss cards are all new variations for me because these are all from the factory set version. Not a huge difference as it is just the orientation on the back that makes a difference, but I am into collecting that kind of thing.

The Todd rookies, are all the glossy update version which is pretty nice.

I actually needed the Big Tony and Jeff Kent. I also didn't have any of the bottom six cards either. The Roy Chome is wonderful looking (and he looks so young), while the Leaf Lineage card is SN to 100, the Leaf Limited to 999 and AJ to 1959 9given the design).

Wasn't expecting any SN cards, but the trio is pretty excellent, and the Leaf cards are really solid for design and feel.

The Jose floating head sticker is neat too - casn't leave that new one out either.

We end those cards with a couple pre-Jays cards as we have Las Vegas representing here with JP and Brett Wallace. I have said before, I am not into collecting the minor league cards, but not a worry at all, I know just the guy to send these off to who does collect them, so they will find a happy new home, still up here in Canada.

The other big share for today, the spoils of a large box trade with TCDB member Shaggy69 who was a first time trade partner. I got some dupes of cards below, but left it at single scans for this one as there is a lot to go through.

This was the extent of the hockey in the trade. One set card need and a handful of Leafs. Really like to Cujo pose.

Definitely more baseball...

1986 Topps continues to get worked on slowly with a few more adds here. Next up, plenty of Jays content, first with completing some team sets...

Always love the Post cards Joe Carter being the only Jay from the 1992 Collector Series. A couple of the sets, I'll call it a team set with the pure base (non-SN) cards like Icons. Still want the SN cards, but I always find it hard to call SN card part of a base set collection.

There were plenty of other Jays to be had as well.

Some good Stadium Club adds including Ed juggling his helmet.

1997 Fleer cards seem so 2018 Stadium Club to be.

Score cards with some good action shots. No, not Jose Canseco, but Santiago and Stewart both get great poses here.

One can only assume that Wells is secretly giving the photographer the finger behind his glove.

As much as I am not a fan of horizontal cards, those 2001 Fleer Tradition cards do a solid job on design,.

CN Tower sighting! At least if you are going with a "non-play" pose, the city background for Phelps is a much better choice than just a colour background like Wells.

Lots of 00s helpers here, and lots of Topps, go figure. Against, being totally out of ting for the decade, so many holes to be filled for the decade, I can probably do another 100 trades like this, and still need plenty.

We finish with some more recent Jays needs including the very Canadian snowflake design.

The Pillar dive also can't go unnoticed - a great photo.

Well, that's not all as Shaggy69 was also a source of a good number of wrestling cards including some game cards which, yes, I will collect one of each though will never likely try to play the game.

I really like the flagship designs being used on wrestling like used on baseball. Some times can be a bit awkward on the "team" aspect coming across as either Raw, Smackdown, or NXT....but small complaint.

Nice classic 1987 Topps design on Heritage cards here.

Some bronze parallels, some Evolution (and other) insert sets being represented, just a great dabble in a number of sets.

The Road To Wrestlemania sets are definitely not my favourite, as they obviously over represent the main players and major angles, instead of featuring a more full ensemble. I don't mind the historical value to it, but just isn't as big a hit to me as the other sets.

A few bronze parallels and we end with some more inserts...

A good 2/3 of the Wrestlemania 34 roster insert set from 2018 Road To Wrestlemania set. Apparently Jey Uso thought it was a secret.

A great trade, and much greatly added to the collection, thanks!


  1. Nice long read and some real nice rasslin' cards, i agree with you road to mania is too much bla bla bla for a card we like specifics when it comes to a card not just the all out storyline fragments.

    1. I think that's exactly my issue - too much "fragment" instead of even telling a flowing story.

  2. I love that 1980 Topps Stieb card for several reasons:

    #1 He's the most successful baseball player who attended the same high school as me.
    #2 It's his rookie card
    #3 It's a wll cropped action shot

    My goal is to one day fill a 9-pocket page of this card... with an autographed version sitting in the middle.

    1. #1 - Very cool
      #2 - It is - I have a copy on my wall nicely presented - will try to remember to take a picture
      #3 - That's about all you can ask for a photo