Tuesday, March 17, 2020

isn't this Wells

I think the cards today hit into a bunch of Vernon Wells cards as you will clearly see.

Obligatory Jays with Joe Carter, Delgado and Green. I really like the quirkiness of the Bazooka cards.

Vernon Wells started with the Jays in 1999 and played right through 2010 - a good tenure holding down centre field for most of that time with a sprinkling of other outfield positions and a bit of DH.

Though he would go on with a few season split between the Angels and Yankees, those seasons were not nearly as productive, being on the tail end of his career.

While in Toronto he was a .280 hitter with over 220 homers and over 800 RBI in just shy of 1,400 games.

Vernon Wells holds the Toronto team record for most at bats with 5,470 in a Jays uniform, and has the team record for most hits in a season at 215 in 2003.

I missed the first part of his time in Toronto as I was at university and baseball was not something I had time for in the early 2000s, so having the chance here to go back and look at his career, brought back into focus his tenure which, I forgot was as long as it was.

My collection also now reflects a bit better, how much time the man had with the Jays  having picked up 15 more cards of his here thanks to dodgercards from TCDB!

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  1. Wow. Never would have guessed that Wells is the team leader for at bats. Cool piece of Jays trivia.