Monday, March 16, 2020

Of course there's Donruss

It comes as absolutely no surprise that lo and behold, in the dodgercards boxes of Jays there is a solid bunch of 1991 Donruss cards.

As much as the set was way overproduced, it is still one that I remember so clearly from my childhood and which takes me back to collecting as a 11-12 year old kid. These epitomize the Jays I recall from my youth and a great time of my childhood. I remember opening packs on the weekend at my grandmothers after my mom and grandmother came back from grocery shopping which is where my mom would usually pick up a pack or two for me every now and then.

Funny how simple pieces of cardboard can bring back such memories.

A few stragglers in the bunch which work out being new additions for Woody and Juan. A simple shot, but I do really like the Pinnacle Juan photo, though I do remember him with the longer hair more.


  1. I also had a ton of 1991 Donruss. I think it was the first time I bought a whole box after saving up for a while.

  2. UD Gruber is pretty cool. Come over to my 'page' Joe.

  3. Simple pieces of cardboard sure can bring back such memories. My simple pieces of cardboard were 1987 Topps. Way overproduced... but I can remember sitting down at the family room table sorting cards in front of my parents, relatives, and whoever else wanted to watch.

    1. It is amazing how something so simple can evoke so much.