Monday, August 31, 2020


Sometimes with these purchases, you come out ahead quickly, and others - not so much. So, I did end up with some more new artifacts today from the last bunch, and here they are...

The Magewright is the surprise here as being a foil, it is a few bucks, and more than what I was expecting with these packs - but given how yesterday's went, was needed.

With the help of the foil Magewright's Stone, we get $7 in value for the keepers today bringing the total to just over $18 where I spent $20, but add in tax that I would have to pay with 401games and I am even. Factor in then the couple hundred extra cards, and I do come out ahead, but I was hoping it would be a bit better than it was. Since the not-so-keeping cards themselves aren't new from yesterday, not even going to scan them again.

Can't win them all, but seem to have squeaked out a break even here on keepers.

Sunday, August 30, 2020

I Was Afraid of This

To day is the second pack of the three from the Kijiji Magic card purchase, and as I was afraid of, as much as this first pack was solid for additions of artifacts, the second was a bit too repetitive as there wasn't too much new.

The ending Sphere is the best of the bunch being worth all of a buck - but I am happy to get the cards I am from it. Does make me wonder if there will be anything new tomorrow.

This did leave a lot of dupes (today, I just scanned one of each and kept out the multiple copies).

I should say, some of the dupes are uncommons and worth more than a quarter, so the value would add up to being more than the $20 I paid, if I actually needed/keep these. Hopefully I can change some of these through trades or otherwise, into artifact cards I do need.

So today,s value, not nearly as much as yesterday - $2.60, so a total of $11.10 thus far including yesterday - not looking too promising as we are only about half way there for what I paid.

You know I am not afraid of? Surprises! Specifically in this case, a little birthday card and PWE witha few "Buffalo Jays" from TCDB member bkim. He was kind enough to send these my way as a little birthday surprise...

2009 Topps Heritage is a lonely Jays collection - there was just Lyle Overbay before these showed up, so he is very grateful for the company. Since the Jays were not around back in 1960 to have any to worry about in the original incarnation of the design, I have liked Heritage over the years for providing the vintage looks at least, to add to my Jays collection.

Many thanks for the card bkim!

Saturday, August 29, 2020

Worth It?

Posed as a question (and not as a statement like the Fifth Harmony song....the kids have been playing Just Dance 2017 lately....), because I recently came upon a quick little deal on Kijiji and picked up some cards for what will hopefully be a deal.

The seller had 100 card lots of Magic cards for $5, and they were separated by colour/theme. As it worked out, he had artifacts and land cards together, so factoring in shipping and buying a few packs I paid $20.50 for 300 cards. The question becomes, given what I collect, was the deal worth it when you count the cards I will be keeping.

I figured there would be some duplication in the three sets as they were mostly newer cards and mostly commons, but you can't go too wrong for $20...can you?

You may notice that a few of these card are not technically artifacts, but instead colourless cards which, I think I will be including in my collection. There are certain cards that have gotten a bit of hate for being artifacts, and in trying to improve drafting with cards and having some with more cross use between deck themes, having non-artifact colourless cards is being more of a thing. That said, they really act just like artifacts.

Still on the fence a bit, but better to keep while I get them now, and a decision later to remove them is easy enough. Yeah - even had to try and make the distinction between these and cards requiring colourless mana (which I am still not including) as there is a difference.

As for the lands...

So, taking into account the cost it would have been for me to buy the artifact keepers based on 401games prices...this pack (as there are still 2 more to add to it) is....$8.50. An okay start, but assuming there are dupes - not sure I'll get to the $20 based on what I am keeping...

Friday, August 28, 2020

A delayed surprise

I recently (read, a few weeks ago), received an unexpected package of cards from Sportscards from the Dollar Store. I didn't want to post about it until I had the chance to get a package sent back his way - it helps me ensure to, in a somewhat timely fashion, return the favour where I can.

I can't really compete with what Doug is kind enough to send my way, but at least I got a bunch of 2/14 cards off to him, and hopefully some will be solid additions to that collection for him.

Stop with the words and show with the cards you say? okay!

There was a single Jay card in the bunch, but a new one for me. Here is the 2019 Donruss Optics insert peak Performers of Vladdy Jr. It is more of an artistic card, but a nice insert concept nonetheless.

With regards to Leafs, I did get one base team set completed with this card...

The final of the 4 2007-08 Fleer Hot Prospects pure base cards. A few of the higher numbered base are SN cards, so not going to specifically count those, and happy enough with the 4 I have now.

We then get a bunch more Leafs...

Lots of goodies here as a retro Sundin in any card for is great. Made me take a look and yes, Sundin is my top Leaf as far as my collection goes with almost 250 cards with 199 unique ones. Not nearly as many as people have in a PC for a player, but so much more than it was before I got back into the hobby.

The Parkhurst rookie cards are all amazing as well - heck, even the MJ Holdings Mitch "Top Rookie" card has a nice design to it.

As we get to the most recent releases, my knowledge is really what others have shared on their blogs as I don't pick up much "new" when it comes to cards. I do, as always enjoy a good Artifact, especially a SN one. The Trilogy set is finding its way into close company next to the Artifacts set as being a pretty one year after year.

Credentials isn't my favourite design, but shiny and SN will more than make up for it. Trevor didn't last too long in Toronto with parts of two seasons before off to lA.

So, this is just about everything in a card - jersey, auto, serial number. Sure, the subject matter of Devane, who had an NHL career that lasted 2 games with no points and a minus one, isn't the best career line out there, but a beautiful card!

Leivo fared much better with appearances in games in 6 straight seasons for Toronto, the last of those was when he then headed to Vancouver. 

As always - a wowwie of a surprise from everyone's favourite dollar store sports card patron!

Thursday, August 27, 2020

Dollarama Dud?

They can't all be winners, but it's always a surprise with...

Purchased...I don't know, some time in's been waiting for it's day in the sun. Will I regret not opening it sooner? Not likely...

So what do we get?

Not only do we get 4 pieces of shipping material for protecting cards, but I don't mind the 25 card hinged containers, though my preferred are the two piece ones. As for the three packs of cards, no luck getting my faves like Original 6 team ones or The 80s as I'll take a shot with those packs any day.

First up, the 1,000 point pack...

At first glance, I thought I may luck out and need the Duncan Keith for the 2015-16 Upper Deck Portfolios set, but it was a dupe. Only need was Oates (which is the one card I wouldn't have minded being a double so I could pass it on to Jeff Scott.

Next up, the 90s...guessing most will be 1990-1992...

Well, no surprises there. The good is getting an addition to 1989-90 O Pee Chee with Huddy.

Last up, the last decade...

A decent trio of cards, just not sets that I collect.

Well - two cards and a container for $2. Definitely not a top opening from the year - not even going to touch on the scoring as this is bottom of the bunch - dud indeed.

Wednesday, August 26, 2020

Ending With The Hit

Well, you are promised a relic (or autograph) in every box, with a basic relic being every 11 packs (so basically 90% of all boxes). So no real surprise in getting a basic one here...

Reading the back though, these have the nice "the relic on the card isn't from any specific game, event, etc. So really, it's just a piece of a random jersey on a card, with the card being Paul Goldschmidt.

Ignoring the lack of connection between the jersey and the card, the card itself is a nice design for the holiday box / snowflakes while showcasing the player so happy with the look at least.

I will say, with all the new base cards, the Billy Hamilton is a great shot with the effort jump into the wall - love it and want to see more like this!

9 Packs, 88 Cards, 285 Points

The box doesn't quite crack the top 10 this year, but a decent box overall.

Tuesday, August 25, 2020

Took Long Enough

Phew! Second last pack and I finally get a Jay. It is a dupe of one of the couple Jays I have from the set, but since I will be slowly working to complete this one, still a solid pick up!

It was already a winner of a pack with Donalson, but then also getting Ichiro as a metallic snowflake parallel - sweet. A career WAR of almost 60. Not sure you need to say much more about the man as that sums up his ability in a nutshell.

Glad he was able to end his career on the field in Seattle, even if his last couple games didn't end up with a final hit in 2019.

The rest of the back - all base card needs.

8 Packs, 80 Cards, 252 Points

We end today with some more baseball in the form of a quick PWE trade with TCDB member, and first time trade partner lord_bagel who wanted a few more late 80s and early 90s baseball cards and sent my way these...

A trio of rookie cards as we slap the "RC" on every single card it seems, from the first year. The Chrome refractor of Jansen is nice, and my first such card for 2019 and the same is true of the Freshman Flash card of Rowdy.

Amazing little PWE, and many thanks to he who is lord of all bagels!

Monday, August 24, 2020

Consistency Rules

If there's one thing that this box has provided thus far, it is consistency. I mean, no dupes, right on the odds for the metallic inserts - it is just what would be expected.

Now, even if there is consistency in the big picture, still a bit off for team representation, I mean right here, two Cubs in the first 4 cards.

Well, make it three with Kris Bryant showing up as well. Add in Stanton and that is a solid pack of base cards.

I also scanned the cards this way purposely to show one "problem" I have with Opening Day, and Topps in general. So much reliance on the "standard" pose. I get that most of what a position player does is bat, or a pitcher does is pitch, but you then get cards that look so similar like Stanton/Bryant and Tallon/Pollock. Probably a big part of the love for Stadium Club - getting more unusual or even just different action shots.

7 Packs, 70 Cards, 210 Points

Sunday, August 23, 2020

Amother Day, No Jay

You would think after today and being 60 cards in, I'd have drawn a Jay card, but not yet.

I really don'y like those "D'Back" uniforms. Understandable coloured similar to the Cotoes NHL team, but just too dark and the burgundy is too bland. Especially when you compare to some of the bright colours from other teams like the green and yellow of the Oakland A's (even with their socks) or the teal Seattle colour even.

Star of this back is the metallic snowflake parallel of Brinson.

This last card though at the same time makes me very old, as the back states that Brinson grew up a Marlins fan. The Marlins having been around that long makes me feel old as my favourite days of the MLB...yeah, they didn't exist.

6 Packs, 60 Cards, 180 Points

So I also have a little mystery Listia win to share. The listing was 9 Hall of Famer baseball cards and went for cheap, but I wasn't expecting too much, figured it would be mostly early 90s stuff...

Okay, pretty much what I expected - though dupes weren't really necessary, and I question the Hall of Famer criteria in a couple places. Not a single keeper for myself, but at least an Expo I can pass along to Not Another Baseball Card Blog, so not a total loss, but probably wouldn't do that one again!

Can't all be winners I guess.

Saturday, August 22, 2020

A Thing for Votto

I seem to have a thing lately for Joey Votto cards.

It may not be quite as nice as a dirt relic card, but today's metallic snowflake parallel is of the Canadian local boy Joey Votto. Like most large cities, just saying he is from Toronto, and I am from Toronto - really nowhere near each other. Joey grew up in Etobicoke, while I grew up in Scarborough, opposite ends of the city and very different.

Would love to see a local guy like Joey play for the Jays though. There have been some Canadians play for the team over the years (side note - I should keep that as an idea for a post....quick guess at best Canadian in franchise history though may be Ernie Whitt, I stand corrected - though Ernie is in the Canadian Baseball Hall of Fame, he is American), but not quite on the level of for holding out to see how Vladdy Jr. goes.

Nice pack with Kershaw and Acuna, while we also get Joey Batts who must have seen my post yesterday...

5 Packs, 50 Cards, 150 Points

Speaking of things, another thing I have is a thing for wrestling cards. On TCDB, they are much harder to find trade partners for than the big sports like baseball and hockey, but are still much easier than moving Magic cards there. I was able to get a trade in with first time trade partner FireproofLowlife which allowed me to turn some football cards, which I don't collect, into wrestling cards in a PWE.

We have some 2015 Topps base cards which include R-Truth and his childhood idol, John Cena. Yeah, R-Truth is older than Cena and been wrestling longer, but it's one of those jokes that is R-Truth in a nutshell. He is a solid mid-card talent, has a great sense of humour and is more enjoyable to watch now than he was earlier in his career as he has grown much over his career, and seeing the specials on him on the WWE network, he is definitely someone who has grown on me as a person I am happy to see succeed given his story.

Another appreciated PWE - thanks Mr. Lowlife!

Friday, August 21, 2020

An E on the Play

On to the 4th pack from the 2018 Topps Holiday Baseball Box and we get...

First card in is Edwin. I hate to say it, but Toronto should have pushed to keep him around a couple more years and let Bautista go sooner. Hind sight is always 20/20, but Jose's batting average and production over his last two seasons with Toronto were well under, so 2016 and 2017 were off and he would have been decent to trade away earlier in that time frame.

Would have made some room for EE to stick around instead of heading to Cleveland. Doubt he would have still been a Jay into 2020 given the youth movement anyway, which I think had to happen, but would have been interesting if there was a way to have that veteran presence in a pwoerful bat around still to help the young guys.

Speaking of young guys, we end with rookie (and Canadian) Tyler here, who heading into 2020  He was in about 60 games each with the Cards in 2018 and 2019 - unfortunately no chance on that much time in 2020.

4 Packs, 40 Cards, 120 Points.

Thursday, August 20, 2020

Washington, LA and Texas, oh my

When you are a team collector and you get a couple team cards in a pack, it's an awesome thing to pull. Unfortunately the cards in today's pack of 2018 Topps Holiday, don't hit my team - but some people would be happy with the pack.

The metallic snowflake insert (which doesn't really scan much differently than the regular base below) is a nice Zimmerman card.

As far as Washington cards go, Bryce is a good second one to get. We also get pairs with two Rangers including Odor, and two Dodgers including Seager. 

Can't win them all, but a nice consolation pack which adds to the base set if nothing else.

3 Packs, 30 Cards, 90 Points.

Wednesday, August 19, 2020

Base building

Today we have the second pack of 2018 Topps Holiday cards and it is all about the base.

I don;t generally prefer horizontal cards, but the one baseball pose which almost always looks better is a delivering pitcher. The horizontal view obviously gives more room for the full stretch motion of winding up for the pitch - both of these are great examples.

The rest of the pack shows another plus (or minus, depending on your preference) for these Holiday products - not a lot of inserts. Since there are really the relics/autos which fall about every 10 packs, you get base cards and the odds of one of two different parallels, so you it a set you can build fairly quickly especially at 10 cards per pack for the 200 card set. I only had a couple Jays cards beforehand (for which I would need dupes for the set anyway), so will be interesting to see how far I can get on the one box.

2 Pack, 20 Cards, 60 Points.

Tuesday, August 18, 2020

2018 Topps Holiday Box & Sharing the Habit

Before the start of a box, the sharing of a habit. I recently posted about some gaps in my early year Blue Jays collection (meaning late 70s when we are talking about pretty much just Topps and O-Pee-Chee) and Robert from $30 A Week Habit reached out with a generous trade to send some of those missing cards my way.

As you can see, the rookie cards were hit here heavily for 1977 Topps. These help tremendously as my goal on these sets is just to collect the Jays cards. The earliest baseball set which I have on my radar for actually working on to complete is 1982.

With a tacked on 1980 card, the rest are 1978 O Pee Chee needs, and though I wasn't around to watch these years played out, for what they did early in the times of the Jays, always like adding an Ashby or Clancy card, but liet's be honest...they are all awesome!

Big thank you for the help on these early team sets!

Now on to the regularly scheduled...well, what I figured I'd start today! Today we start a baseball box with 2018 Topps Holiday Box. Having picked this up in the summer of 2019 and Dave and Adam's - yeah, it was on sale so why not?

This isn't a set that I had been collecting before, but since the base set is 200 cards and the 9 packs that I open here should get me about 40% of the set, I am going to add it to the "collecting" list.

So here is the box, including the odds. I will say, in pulling the packs out, I think I have place the one with the "hit" at the end of the packs - always nice to end on a good note.

A reminder on the scoring...

Base Card 1
Base Sports Card Need 3
Base Variation / Short Print Card Odds
Base Toronto Card 15
Base Toronto Variation / Short Print Card 5 * Odds
Insert Card Odds
Toronto Insert Card 5 * Odds
Error Card Double Score

We then pull one of the packs for the unopened pack collection...

Then let's get right into it with pack number one!

Well, we have the snowflake design which goes with the set. I don't mind it too much, it does add a little northern appeal with the snow...a little more Canadian looking if you will. Most of the designs, it doesn't detract from the least not in this first pack.

Here are the rest of the cards. I stuck the metallic snowflake one (which appear one every other pack), in the bunch to see if it would scan any differently. DOesn't look like it to me.

It is the middle one if you were trying to tell.

Personally like the Rosario shot the best.

1 Pack, 10 Cards, 30 Points.