Wednesday, August 26, 2020

Ending With The Hit

Well, you are promised a relic (or autograph) in every box, with a basic relic being every 11 packs (so basically 90% of all boxes). So no real surprise in getting a basic one here...

Reading the back though, these have the nice "the relic on the card isn't from any specific game, event, etc. So really, it's just a piece of a random jersey on a card, with the card being Paul Goldschmidt.

Ignoring the lack of connection between the jersey and the card, the card itself is a nice design for the holiday box / snowflakes while showcasing the player so happy with the look at least.

I will say, with all the new base cards, the Billy Hamilton is a great shot with the effort jump into the wall - love it and want to see more like this!

9 Packs, 88 Cards, 285 Points

The box doesn't quite crack the top 10 this year, but a decent box overall.


  1. That is a nice action shot of Hamilton. The relic of Goldy is cool too.

  2. I always assumed the cloth was part of the player's uniform, it just might not have been in a game. Now after reading this, I'm much more bummed out, thanks... :(

    1. Yeah - I was bummed too - but I will happily reject their reality and substitute my own!