Sunday, August 23, 2020

Amother Day, No Jay

You would think after today and being 60 cards in, I'd have drawn a Jay card, but not yet.

I really don'y like those "D'Back" uniforms. Understandable coloured similar to the Cotoes NHL team, but just too dark and the burgundy is too bland. Especially when you compare to some of the bright colours from other teams like the green and yellow of the Oakland A's (even with their socks) or the teal Seattle colour even.

Star of this back is the metallic snowflake parallel of Brinson.

This last card though at the same time makes me very old, as the back states that Brinson grew up a Marlins fan. The Marlins having been around that long makes me feel old as my favourite days of the MLB...yeah, they didn't exist.

6 Packs, 60 Cards, 180 Points

So I also have a little mystery Listia win to share. The listing was 9 Hall of Famer baseball cards and went for cheap, but I wasn't expecting too much, figured it would be mostly early 90s stuff...

Okay, pretty much what I expected - though dupes weren't really necessary, and I question the Hall of Famer criteria in a couple places. Not a single keeper for myself, but at least an Expo I can pass along to Not Another Baseball Card Blog, so not a total loss, but probably wouldn't do that one again!

Can't all be winners I guess.


  1. Yeah, the darker colors work better in football and hockey.

  2. I was looking to see if you could rehome more than just the Raines 91 Fleer here, but I have the rest of the cards you have here in my set already lol

    1. As always, more than happy to send anything along to you that I am not keeping in my collection itself.